New C9 owner needs some instruction

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    I see a lot of great looking C9s that have been polished in various ways. I'd like to polish the bottom strip of my slide as well as the slide window in closed position (not sure the real name) and maybe the barrel. I'd like some instruction on how it's done correctly. I used the search function and found threads of little to no help. I'm not ignorant of tools, but I've never attempted a project like this. I might look for another C9 just to play around with mods. Any input is appreciated. Thanks gents.
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    Start out with 150 grit paper & move up progressively till you get a finish you like. Then use a dremel & a polishing wheel. It is not difficult, just takes time.
    Here's my 45 I did recently. Turned out ok, will be better next time.

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    I started with 60grit to knock off the black part and moved up to 120 then 600 then finishes with 1500.
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    Like the others said, basically just a matter of knocking the paint off then working your way down in grit until you get the finish you want, the ZAMAK polishes pretty easy.

    One thing I did differently was scraped the powdercoating off with a scraper with some good sharp strong blades, 60 grit would have done it as well but it would have put some pretty deep gouges in the metal meaning I'd have to remove more to get a decent brush on it with 320.

    Use a block as well so you get a good flat surface when you're done, or if you've got an old table or work bench stick your paper to it somehow and drag the slide back and forth, makes it easier to keep it nice and don't wanna just use your finger for pressure because then you'll have a wavy cheap looking finish.
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    Another way is to tape off the area and use paint stripper and then polish.
    Of you use sandpaper I'd start with a much higher number to avoid having to polish out all the scratches.
    So not 60 but more like 200 to start and work up to 1000 or even 2000.