New C9, range report. . .

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  1. New C9, observations. . .

    I'm new to Hi Points and the C9. . .I took my NEW C9 to the range yesterday after disassembling and cleaning / lubing it. I didn't make any mods to the feed ramp or mag lips--it is bone stock. Here are some observations:

    --I shot a total of 200 rounds.
    --This is a soft shooting 9mm.
    --I used Aquila and Herters 115 gn. FMJ ammo (i.e. cheap). The Herters seemed to run better.
    --The trigger (as expected) was quite heavy, and seemed inconsistent in it's pull after the gun got dirty.
    --It is VERY accurate; I was shooting at 10 yards and I was easily keeping them in a fist-sized group. The sights were spot-on out of the box.
    --Initially, the gun seemed to run reliably. As it got dirty (after about 50 rounds), reliability decreased and I got intermittent failures to feed. I also got several slide lock-backs with rounds still in the mag--slingshotting the slide got it back into action.
    --The blowback operation seems to get dirty quicker than locking-block mechanisms.
    --After the range session, I disassembled the gun again and observed some new wear points, which I lubed after cleaning everything. This gun is very easy to clean.
    --I noticed that now (after running 200 rounds through it, cleaning and lubing) that the slide moves noticeably smoother than it did prior to shooting it. The gun seemed to break in fairly quickly in terms of smoothing out.
    --I took the right grip off and lubed the point between the trigger connector and the sear connector, which resulted in MUCH smoother trigger operation.
    --I also lubed the SAFETY lever cam (where it pivots), which resulted in MUCH smoother operation.
    --The barrel bore cleans up easily and the rifling appears to be cut as well as any other pistol I have. Using MPro solvent and a brass bore brush to clean, and a light coating of BreakFree CLP, the bore looks like a mirror.
    --The feed ramp seems to be still very smooth to the touch with no observed chipping of the finish. I'm not going to polish it for now and see if it changes over time.

    I believe the stoppages I had were the result of dirt accumulation combined with an unbroken-in gun. I anticipate that operation will become more reliable during the next few range sessions. I don't see the stoppages as unusual at this point--other, more expensive guns I own (Glocks) had frequent failures when they were new too.

    Stay tuned for further updates. . . --Rob
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    I think you're the first new C-9 owner who got everything correct. Didn't come here crying about your POS purchase. Knew to shoot it before fudging with it. Logically assessed the issues and figured out the workings of a pretty basic firearm. I so wanted to beat you up but I think you're my new hero.

    Yes it's a dirty shooter. Worst with certain ammo. Want a filthy girl? Shoot some Tula. The slide lock back you described sounds like the last round hold open (LRHO) was sticking. Just make sure it's moving freely and the spring is connected. Trigger feel is all about the mating point you discovered and the sear moving smoothly. You can smooth up the trigger bar/ sear cam connection or let it wear in naturally. Just be sure to replace the right grip correctly and snug. Otherwise those parts won't stay aligned and your trigger won't reset. Don't over torque the grip screw. I think you're smart enough to figure out what happens if you over tighten a metal screw in a plastic hole. The wear on the slide is normal.

    I think that covers everything. Any questions or just want tips on tuning it up, just ask. And welcome to the insane depths of hell.

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    Nice review you did.
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    That was a nice, thorough rundown on your first impressions of the pistol and how you facilitated continuing improvement of its internals as you worked with it. You brought up some good points about the process that would be of use to new owners who have little previous experience with other semi-auto pistols.
  5. I have had my two several years but too chicken to dis-assemble them. Good job.
  6. Thanks. . . .

    Thanks for the kind comments cicpup! I actually want to give this gun a fair evaluation. I'm confident that it will run reliably with some more rounds, good lube and maybe some mild tweaking (if absolutely necessary). I may submit a more in-depth article about my experience with it, if it will help others new to the C9. --Rob

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    Congrats, and I also agree with the fair evaluation and your impression of the C9 will continue to improve over time. They actually run better dirty than most other semi autos do. How about that accuracy for a $150 gun :D
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    Welcome to the forum!