New C9 today and some minor surgery.

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by Detectorist, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. Detectorist

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    Purchased my 4th C9 and for the first time ever had an issue out of the box. It would not feed hollow points at all. Even round nose bullets has an issue sometimes.

    So I got out my surgeon's tools(pliers) and proceeded to open the lips of the new mag.

    I manually fed 50 rounds perfectly. HPs, RN, no problem.

    Now, if I could only find my other mags.....


    My Cleveland Holster for the C9 is the most comfortable holster I've ever worn for any gun. Bar none.

    Harbor Freight has a sale on Dremel type tools. I may just get one for the feed ramp.
  2. K357

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    Polished the feed ramp on my C9 with some 400 grit by hand, took some time but I believe it'll be worth it..

  3. Detectorist

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    ok. Will do.
  4. K357

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    I took it one step further & used a dremel with a wire wheel, then a buffing wheel...

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  5. I've never had to do that to any of my Hi-Points.
  6. I have to second this statement. I have not polished, pryed, or wrenched on any of my Hi-Points or magazines. Not one hicup.
  7. TopGas

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    Polishing the feed ramp is likely the most commonly performed Fluff & Buff" activity for Hi Point owners. Most of the time it's probably NOT necessary (ya, I polished mine) but probably isn't harmful. Folks can get into trouble if they get more that a little bit aggressive and change the shape of the ramp! A cotton polishing tip with some metal polish is about as aggressive as I think anyone should be. Abrasive paper and wire wheels can remove more metal than one might think.

    As mentioned by the OP, adjusting the "lips" on the magazines is probably the best way (at least the place to start) to remedy feed issues. The "experts" here on the forum may actually state it as GOSPEL!
  8. Detectorist

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    Good for you.
  9. Detectorist

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    OK, finally got to shoot my C9 yesterday at the range.. My Corbon-Barnes 9mm HPs fed well. RN fed well. Now I can feel better while CC the thing. Had to load only RN until I was sure the HPs would feed properly.

    I'm CC using a 'Sticky Holster 100% of the time. Comfortable and adjustable.

    Trigger pull was a little stiff, though. I know it, as well as me, will get better with use.
  10. undeRGRound

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    Cool Stuff!

    You're not exactly "new" but kind of, so.......................................



    Glad it is feeding well for you!