new C9 tomorrow!!!!!

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  1. My son found me another C9 for a great price. he will get it tomorrow. and it will fill a nitch in my set fo Hipoints. I havent got a C9 comp. cant find one around here, but this one is. it is in the hard case and it has four mags with it. did I mention it is only $100.
    pictures will come when I get my grubby little hands on it :lol: [/img]
  2. Dangitalltoheck!!! :twisted: Lucky man, lucky man. I originally wanted a C9 comp but had to settle for a C9. I love the way it looks. Great price too. :p

  3. sweat, c9 comp for 100? great news.
  5. I'll buy 'em everyday for $100.00 a pop.
  6. I am sooooo jealous!!!
    Can't find a C9 Comp anywhere around here.
    I did see a C9 for $169.00 but it was gone when I went back to check on it.
    I've seen 2 995's(got one already), several .40's & .45's but I can't find the C9 Comp anywhere.
    I also talked to a local Hi-Point dealer & he said he can't even order anything right now from Hi-Point. They must really be back ordered up the Wazoo!!
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    blah blah blah, 100 dollars blah blah blah
    As Cartman would say: I hate you, I hate you so very much
    Seriously though, great find, its nice to hear someone that enjoys hi-points catching a deal like that, envious as I may be.