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    I have had my c9 for about 2 weeks and have put over 300 rounds through it. Today I went out to shoot and had trouble with it. One failed to fire and two fail to feeds, within 30 rounds. Both fail to feeds I had to take out the mag and let the bullet drop out the bottom and reload it. On the fail to fire I reloaded it and it fired fine. It is having other failures like not chambering a round once in a while and only two stovepipes, those were in the first two mags. Iv'e heard this is common during breakin period so how long is the breakin period last?

    I have done the basic barrel cleaning, anything else I should be doing?

    HELP!!! I like the gun and don't think I should be having these kind of problems.

    Brett from KY
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    Ive had the same feeding problems in the past, wich were corrected by A) doing some work on my clips, and B) making different choices on ammo. In the instance of the clips, Ive found that the front ears that hold the nose of the slug down are a bit closer together than they should be in alot of the mags Ive purchased. You can send the mags back to HP and they have new ones sent back to you, or you can take a pair of needle nose pliers and bend them out slightly wich will void the warante, but fixes the issue. The latter issue was resolved by not shooting JHPs through the firearm. For some reason JHP's seem to get hung up on the ramp and have to be nudged in or they just stovepipe, Ive had alot of issues with that, so I just switched to using FMJ ammo and training in double taps. Hope that helps somwhat, Ive never had a Malf so far as a misfire is concerned, so Ive nothing to tell you on that, sorry.

  3. bull1861 makes really good points here, thanks for your input.

    However, if you want to shoot JHP's out of your Hi-Point, all you need to do is polish the feed ramp with a dremel tool and some jewlers rouge. What this does is put a mirror finish on the feed ramp allowing the rounds to feed without hanging up on the ramp.

    As far as the mag issue, bull1861 is right on the money. Sometimes you have to tweak the lips of the mag in order to get the proper amount of pressure on the round to avoid mis-feeds. However, I have heard nothing from Hi-Point that tweaking the feed lips will void the warranty. I would suggest you call Hi-Point on this issue to confirm either way.

    Now, if you are like any of the other thousands of Hi-Point owners out there, alot of times you'll find that HP mags like to mis feed due to mag spring tension problems. This can be corrected rather easily by loading your mags all the way up and letting them sit in that manner for about 2 weeks. What this does it weaken the strenght of the magazine spring so as to not exert as much pressure on the last few rounds as they feed into the chamber. Of all my Hi-Points, every mag I've ever owned has gone through this "Mag break-in" period, and I have never had a problem with them since.

    The fail to fire issue, that's a rather easy solution as well. Hi-Points use the firing pin as part of the extraction process, to force the brass to extract and eject from the chamber. Sometimes, the firing pin will bend or the firing pin spring will break as a result of the pressure exerted on the firing pin and spring during this process. Take the weapon apart and check the pin and spring for wear/tear/bending and or breakage. If this is the case, call Hi-Point and ask them to send you a new pin and spring. Alot of this problem can also be solved by ammo selection, just as bull1861 suggested. I personally will not use aluminum cased or steel cased ammo in my Hi-Points. I do this for several reasons. Steel cased ammo is really hard on the extractor, and also because I just don't like the stuff. Steel cased stuff is ok for my AK-47, but not my pistols, any of them. Aluminum cased ammo tends to expand the case upon ingition to the point that it can be difficult for the extractor to pull the case from the chamber. This is the one flaw in the cheaper aluminum cased ammo. As for the failing to fire, again, check the firing pin and spring to make sure that they are not bent or broken.

    If you do these few simple things, you'll come to love and depend on your Hi-Point as much as everyone on this forum does theirs. I would trust my life to mine.

    Hope this post is helpful to you, and welcome to both of you to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here.
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    At the last AZ shoot, I shot 50 rounds through my C9. The time before, it was having FTF, stovepipes and other maladies. Since that time, I have had the magazine loaded one round short (Seven, instead of 8) At the last shoot, I had exactly 1 problem, and that was a FTF on the last round of the magazine.
    I havnt even cleaned it from the first range session ( bought it then took it shooting) till last weekend (several months time) When I do clean it (aside from spraying Breakfree CLP on it), I am going to do the Feed ramp polish, as well as get more magazines.
    My JHP, funcitoned flawlessly, btw. This too, was its second outing. The people I had let shoot it before, had problems with it (I suspect Limpwristing mainly), as this time, I knew how to handle it, and had ZERO malfunctions. This pistol has less than 200 round through it as well. Magazines? All 3 have been loaded, and let set (still loaded as I type)

    In either of my two JHPs or my C9 have I ever experienced a fail to fire, so that is a mystery to me.