new c9

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  1. well, just came back from the range with my new in box c9. it was me and my girlfriend's little brother. we brought 250 rd with us. i fire about 150rd without any miss feed, he however did got 3 jam/miss feed. however i did my research and know limp wrist is one sure way to cause it and after i told my girlfriend's brother about keeping his wrist firm, they was no more ftf.

    so far i'm really happy with my c9. tomorrow i'll bring another 200rd back to range and see if i can get my c9 sight better.
  2. That is great!!!!!

    WHERE ARE THE PICS????????????????

  3. sorry, i forget to bring my camera to the range but i can post my target and my c9 pix later tonight.
  4. Make sure that you do, you don't want the gunny making an appearance in your thread... :wink:
  5. too late!


    JK! Post em up man!

    Oh, and Congrats to you.! :lol:
  6. Congrats on the new C9!!! I will be picking mine up tomarrow!!!! I can't wait!!!