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  1. I did it! Went out Saturday and bought My new C9 ($160.00). Shot the first 50 rounds through it. Sunday, shot another 50. I know, I know, Why didn't I shoot more? Well, I had the Rugrats to watch and I didn't want to get carried away :roll: .
    This 9mm is sweet! Glad I got it and can't wait to shoot somemore with it. I'll be going to a class this coming weekend and will be taking it with me.
    Gotta go now.... got to purchase some extra mags!!!!!
    (no photo/s yet, reading this thing to figure out how to post them)
  2. Congrats on the new pistol!

    Look around in the forum, it seems that there is a sticky covering how to post pics, its a requirement you know ;)

  3. sambo....

    Congrats on the new C9, you will enjoy it like the rest of us who have the same pistol.
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    Gotta love that C9!
  5. Cool. The c9 can't be beat!
  6. i just reasonly got a c9, after putting on the ghost ring sight that baby can nail some bullseye. love the c9.
  7. Congrats, welcome aboard 8)
  8. daaang i still havent had a chance to fire mine( bought it on january 22 ) its been kinda ugly outside, windy and dusty for the most part. congrats on the purchase.
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    All right.... shoot it a bunch!
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    LOL Congrats, you will find that they (HPs) are like potato chips you cant eat just one.
    Or in this case own just one.
    Have fun.