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    Ok just had to ask a question here to satisfy my own mind. My brother in law just today bought a brand new hi point c9. I owned a c9 for a couple years but ended up trading it off as it just wasnt the ccw weapon I wanted (replaced with the sccy 9mm) now i have no problem with hi point, would depend on one without thought but I never liked how heavy it was and how massive the slide is, i know it has to be in order to work correctly being a blowback style gun and all. My question is, what happened with the design or have i gone nuts, his c9 seems lighter then mine and the side is no where near the size it was before. Also on the front of my box (still have it) it says Hi-Point Firearms by Bee Miller, his box says Hi-Point Firearms by Strassell's Machine, LLC. It looks just like all the other c9's ive seen and still weights the same but it feels much more balanced, like the weight is better distributed. Did someone buy out BeeMiller and make some mods to the design? I swear the slide doesnt look as massive as the one i had (mine was a 2012 model) I am in the market for another pistol and am considering this "new" hi point c9. We recently had an attempted break-in in my 3 year olds room, (takes a sick *&%* for this) he almost got her window opened enough to crawl in, but bolted when i came out side. I encouraged his departure from my home with a couple .22lr rounds from my mossberg rifle, (was the first thing i could grab) i missed unfortunately. I only have the .22lr (wifes gun) and my sccy 9mm that i keep in my car mostly (im forgetful) I want something with a little more punch to keep around the house, to make matters worse they came back last night while i was at work and terrorized my wife, banging on the back door and windows, hoping i guess she would come out (begining to think they live near me, they know when i leave for work, which is a 3rd shift job). Anyway back to the question at hand...any info is much appreciated.
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    There was indeed, a change in ownership of the company. Can't remember exactly when but it was within the past year. Do an internet search if you need the details.
    RE: changes to the C-9, I'm guessing that there have been little if any changes to the design or required tooling. I could be wrong of course and others will chime in if major changes were, in fact, made.

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    Macho Melvin would be the best one to answer this. He's are resident Hi Point historian!
  4. IIRC There was a minor change to the slide serrations around 2 years back? But nothing major.