New carbine by Taurus

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by ItBeMe, Nov 3, 2014.

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    $750 to $900. You got to be kidding me. I will keep my good ol Hi-point thank you.:)
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    I don't think they are selling very well. But other than HP's & Kel Tec's, I think other PCC are NOT selling very well either? JRC - Beretta - DPMS - & a host of others are all above $750?

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    Even Colt sells a AR in 9mm.

    Here's Tiffany [ame][/ame]

    Want an AR15 for less than $500 shipped? I think they are made by Double Star [ame][/ame]
  6. I cant see how they would. If you want a PCC on a budget you buy a HP. If you want it to have Hicap mags you buy a beretta mag Kel-tec.

    No reason to spend over $450. Everyone else with that kind of cash buys an a 5.56 or 7.62x39.

    Very few people want to spend $700+ for something they can get very similar for half.
  7. That's the best price for an AR with a metal receiver I've seen so far. If I was in the market for an AR, I'd consider one of these.
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    I didn't know Taurus made a gun worth that much. Must be for a half dozen like donuts.:p
    My DPMS was $499.95 + $5.95 shipping and $25.00 transfer. Has been trouble free other than the trigger, which needed a little work.
    There has been 3 or 4 brands of guns I have owned that I will never buy again. Some I just didn't like (design) and others were junk. Rarely buy again of any company's product if I have bought defective product or customer service is bad or non existent.

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    My lgs has had one on the shelves for many months now. Its not selling, was 700 something, now 500 something. It seems bigger and more awkward than my 4595 ts. It is .40 cal, and only accepts Taurus mags. What would you pay?
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    I would give $500 with a few 17-19 round mags? I would have Longshot fix me up a nice barrel shroud, I'd be happy, for awhile?
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    A PCC for the price of an AR15? Might as well get the AR15, more popular and easily fixed
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    I'm not sure of mag capacity. And I think the clerk told me the mags do NOT interchange with any pistol.
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    The other problem, Taurus can only import ten round magazine, how lame is that? Might as well get the Hi Point.
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    My pt92 came with two 17 rounders, and my lgs has others for sale.
  16. These Taurus carbines aren't any better than the Hi-Point carbines. $350 is what the top price they are worth. From what I have seen with Taurus pistols I think they are probably worth less than that. The Taurus handguns I have experienced have awful trigger pull.

    You can get a .45 Auto Masterpiece Arms MPA1SST45 carbine for $570 about. The Masterpiece Arms carbines have 30 round magazines with them as well.
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    I like the fact that you can easily modify the mags to 17 rounders. It's a bit on the high side price wise, but looks to be a solid performer. Has a few pluses over the HP. Wouldn't mind owning one, but probably at a decent shade below 500.
  18. You seem to be asking us a question that only you can answer, Melvin.

    My guess is, the answer would be yes :)

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    Forward assist and dust door too. Barrel is good for 15,000rds?
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    The ? was for the time lapse "a while" that could be an in-determinant time,