new carbine idea

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    I'd like to see the carbine chambered in .357 sig. It would be a handy survival weapon. I'd also love to see a .223 carbine
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    Welcome to the forum firebird...

    If you read on down some of the old topics in this area you will see that this have been a long talked about topic. I am with you I think both of those rounds would be really fun in a carbine.

  3. To summarize previous convo's: Hi-point (for now) only does firearms in pistol caliber carbines. There goes the .223 idea. Second off, before they even think of doing .357 SIG, they need to get the .45 ACP finalized and out the door. Third, they aren't able to keep up with demand as it is; there is no need as of yet to expand the product line as there is no slack whatsoever in their factory output.