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New carbine shoots substantially to the left

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Got my new 9 mm carbine out of "jail" yesterday and went directly to the range. First shots out of the box were 4 or 5" to the left at 25 yards. (Remington 124 grain FMJ factory ammo; the only box of that I had so it will be S&B or handloads after this.) Got them on center with the rear sight cranked about 1/8" to the right. That's more than I would have expected for a misalignment in the stock bedding. Is anything like this typical?

Groups at 50 yards were fine, by my standards with iron sights, so I guess nothing obviously wrong mechanically with the action/barrel, overall. It's not a meatware problem, pretty sure. I have almost 20 guns and no such problem with any others.

I'm planning to drop it into an HTA bullpup stock immediately (already received that from HTA) so I'll be starting the zeroing process over with a red-dot soon enough...
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Check to see if the front sight post is loose/canted. 2 of my carbines were like this. Easily fixed.
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