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New CC gun from Savage!

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New for 2022, Savage Arms introduces their competitor to the Kel Tec PF9, Ruger LC9s, and the Glock 43.

This single-column 9mm pistol has an MSRP of $479 to $561 depending on model and options. Round-count at 7, 8, or 10 depending on flush-fit, extendomag or +1 baseplates.

You need a pic:

Here's their official link on the website:

Just my opinion here, but I think that this is hitting the market 7 years too late. They should have popped this no later than the Glock 43. Now that the market is dominated by double-stack guns in the same size, holding 10+ rounds I think that this gun, no matter how well designed, is going to languish in obscurity. Maybe if they'd been able to ship in 2020, during the COVID buying panic, they would have been able to make back R&D, but this is WAY too late to the market. Maybe they've got a double-stack waiting in the wings to announce at SHOT or something. Otherwise Savage has just screwed the pooch with this. ...which makes me sad.

Peace favor your sword,
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With or without the teeny safety, Single action, priced like the Sig with the same features. Three colors of frame, but the slide is always black.

If they were offering a red dot slide at this price, they might have something.

We’ll see what the price is at the dealer, but there area LOT of proven higher capacity guns for 25-50% less money.
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Double or single stack means nothing. It’s the width of the gun and grip.
Everyone is right at 1”. Some are 10% thinner, some are 10% thicker, but they’re all “thin enough”.

After that, it’s capacity, features, and ergonomics. To me, ergonomics trumps capacity and features. But some people like more capacity at any price, and others love features even if they can’t use them.
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