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    wow that has to be something to shoot! I want to hear about your first range trip...

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    You won that? Sweet!
    Get a range report ASAP!
  3. z71,

    I really hope your P40 turns out to be better than mine did. I had one for about 8 months and it ended up going back to KT 3 times before I finally used it as a trade in on something else. The P40's has so many issues KelTec discontinued them after a very short time of being in production.

    I could not get thru a single mag without a FTF/FTE regardless of what ammo was being used, or who was shooting the gun. I even put the thing in a pistol vise to eliminate limp wristing and it still had issues. KelTec ended up sending me a total of 6 different magazines in about 4 months to try and fix the problems, but nothing seemed to work. I lost the take down lever in the pistol twice while shooting, it simply fell out in the grass when the slide locked back after the last round.

    Accuracy was so bad I had to aim nearly a foot to the right and about 8" high just to hit the center of the 8" pie plate at 15 yards. Just before I traded the gun off KelTec offered to replace it with a P11 because of all the issues and customer complaints with other P40's. I already had a P11 at the time so decided to trade it in on something else, the dealer wanted it for his personal use so I didnt just dump it off on someone else. He ended up taking a P11 from KelTec as a replacement because he could never get it to perform either.

    KelTec makes good guns with horrible triggers, but the P40 was their biggest and only total flop pistol. I would buy a P11 and deal with the trigger before I accepted a P40 as a gift. I really hate to be so negative about the P40 but it is one gun that really gets my blood pressure up every time I think about all the aggravation I went thru with that thing.

    Good luck!
  4. With a user review like that, I'd be scared to shoot the damn thing... Maybe Kel Tec got the thing to finally work, if not, z71 you're gonna be in for a lot of work.
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    Every MFGR has its lemons, I know the seller and he says this gun runs w/out problems. KT discontinued the 40/357 several years ago because people were sending in pistols left and right for ftf/fte due to limp wristing. (not saying that was your prob RFH)

    There's plenty of 40/357 owners on the KTOG forum.
    Those complaints are actually common for the 40, the 357 having a tapered front is more immune to ftf much like the 7.62.

    I also own 3 P11s, and the 357 is just a different sized barrel and slightly longer slide on top of the p11 frame & grip.

    Ive got no concerns that the pistol will cause any problems, my ability to wrangle and control the recoil might be another story.

    I plan to add the heaviest recoil spring available and AG Laser grips to it.
    I'd like to port it, but I'm scared to port a firearm thats no longer in production, though.
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    I do not care about the 40 but the 357 is so something I would like to play with. I am not sure I am ready to train with it to the level I feel I would need to carry it. But it sure would be fun to play with. :wink:
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    the 357 SIG is a good round compared to the .40. The .40 was a wimper-ized 10mm made because people were too weak to handle the 10mm. It took away all the benifits of the 10mm and added other issues. The .357 brought it back where it should be.

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    I mailed the payment and FFL today. I dont think I've been this antsy to receive a firearm since i was waiting on my first gun, the C9, to arrive.

    Like I mentioned this one is going to be promoted to my carry piece, after proper function and reliability testing of course. Should be a nice improvement in stopping power over the 9mm I carry now.
  9. We'll be waiting to hear your experience with it.
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    I received the pistol on Thursday and to be honest it looks even better in person. The gunny should be happy because I've got some photos from the seller but I'll get some of mine up soon.

    I was able to put about 150 rounds through it on Friday, and besides an FTF on the first shot, the pistol was flawless. I attribute the FTF to being caught off guard by the recoil, although it's not painful it is certainly much different than the p-11 that I am so used to.

    Accuracy is either as good or better than my p-11, I need more practice before I can make that call though. I did notice the rear sight was a little wiggly so I just swapped it out w/ one of the spares i have here and problem solved.

    I absolutely love the pistol and plan to put it on CCW duty after another 150rnds of flawless function.

    Got a great deal on SD ammo, I walked away from my gunstore w/ 85rnds of GoldDot HP for $20. other places sell this stuff @ $20 for a box of 20.

    I also plan on putting an Arma-Laser on this one as a range buddy had a CT grip-laser that i really liked on his pistol, Ive shot pistols w/ crummy lasers before and was really turned off of the whole lot. Arma-Lasers are praised as being very hi quality so I have no concern that it will be any less effective as the CT.
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    That is cool
  12. When all it done per your plan, you are gonna have one great looking side arm there. Keep us updated on the process please. I have a P-11 and love it too, but am skiddy about have that gun in a 40 or more - not sure I'd ever enjoy shooting it with that kick.
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    Happy Early Birthday Z71!

    To: Z71

    From: Z71

    "An Armalaser! you really shouldnt have! It's Just what I've been wanting! How did you know? "


    and of course my wonderful g/f decided I needed a new holster for the armalaser so a Don Hume custom for the armalaser is in the mail.


    Cant wait to get to the range and try this one out. Of course I plan on shooting w/ the 9mm slide for the majority w/a few rounds of 357 just to stay proficient.
  14. Man, that's a set up! Sweet.