new cz52, great shoot

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  1. leo 1287

    leo 1287 Guest

    Picked up my new (to me) CZ52 from my local dealer today and fired one magazine through it to make sure it went BOOM.
    Surprised that the recoil was not as bad as I had heard, shot WOLF Gold 85 gr JHP. Seems to be really accurate too. Trigger pull is mild also.
    I am going to replace the firing pin with a stainless one and wolf springs for an upgrade.
    I think I may have to buy another so that this one does not feel lonely.
    Does anybody know what holster it will fit?

  2. Ari

    Ari Guest

    Congrats! I love to shoot mine! It does send brass to he moon. (45 ft) I think the new wolf springs will fix this..

    Ok where is your photos? :twisted:

  3. Here is mine. Replaced firing pin and grips

  4. Z28Driver

    Z28Driver Member

    Where did you get those nice grips? Very sharp!!
  5. 7.62X25 Tokarev... My wife loves that gun. Very nice looking pistol!
  6. leo 1287

    leo 1287 Guest

    Would love to post pictures for you guys, don't know how. The only camera I have is 35mm. Wife has a digital that I do not know how to operate, keeping my electronic knowledge up to date not high on list of priorities. Takes enough time keeping up with mech skills on all the guns I have been purchasing.

  7. Ari

    Ari Guest

    Here is mine I guess I can repost it as this is new forum LOL

  8. Cool new gun, dude. I hope to add one to my collection one day. :D
  9. bamaboy06

    bamaboy06 Member

    Might as well post mine.I do really like this gun.A lot of people don't actually realize the stopping power of these pistols.
  10. The main problem with the gun is its fast velocities. Its almost as fast as some rifle calibers compared to a 45acp or 40s/w.

    You hit someone with one of those in a FMJ bullet, its going to go right though them.

    I imagine with a good set of hollowpoints, it would be a much better people stopper.

    I love mine.
  11. azcarbine

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    The only HP I've been able to find is the Wolf Gold and even that is hard to find but J&G in Prescott Arizona seems to have a lot of it at $17.50 for 50. There is supposed to be a specialty ammo place in Texas that has a web site called Reed's that has some really interesting HP loads for 7.62x25.
  12. Ari

    Ari Guest

    S&B makes it... And there are still some surplus ammo around. But not some thing you want to shoot a bunch of without reloading
  13. I once had 7 CZ52's...all 3 yrs in original grey
    All 3 yrs in black + an xtra black to send off to for Novak sights...etc.

    But got laid off 4 yrs ago and sold all but the best black one.

    Damn fine gun for the money...
  14. Just so you guys know... 7.62x25 85gr JHP will drop a whitetail in his tracks when hit just behind the base of the skull when shooting straight down from about 12ft. :)

    Oh yeah, nice guys you guys have there. Sure do miss mine.

  15. The bullet comes out of the end of the barrel of this pistol moving FAST. Over penetration is definitely a concern.

    I have never tried hollow points, but I bet they would be a devastating round to be hit with.
  16. Ari

    Ari Guest

    You know I see a load for the 9mm in a 88 gr bullet that is moving at 1400fps Though that is still slower the the 1700 of the 7.62x25 it is still pretty cool...
  17. Cool, good you enjoy it. I gotta get myself one of those someday. I've looked at them enough, just never bought one.
  18. I never recovered the bullet from that deer, it made several exit holes just behind the jaw, course I think some of it was bone from the spine being blown out as well as the bullet. I do know that little bullet is wickedly fast and in HP form pretty darn explosive upon impact. Kinda reminds me of a ballistic tip varmit round, super fast and makes a mush of what it hits really quick.