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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Flyboy, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. On April 11th at 8:30 AM, my son, Nikolai Aiden Mohr, was born!
    8 lbs, 10 oz. and 21 inches long (my wife is 5'7" and weighed around 105 - 110 when she got pregnant, so imagine that one lol).

    To say he's a spitting image of me is an understatement; he's a damn clone. According to my wife, down to the mole on my nose and the structure of our eyebrows and eyelashes. Kid even had the same birthmark I did, albeit in a different spot (his forehead as opposed to my neck).

    And yes, he's cute and cuddly and loves being held. But enough about Rach...:p


  2. moona11

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    Congrats Flyboy. Cute little Flyboy 2.0 ;-)

  3. bluharley

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    Congratulations! Good looking kid!!
  4. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Very cool! Congrats, you did something right!:D

    Grandpa advice now...take care of your wife. She's gonna have hormones she never knew she had, she's going to be tired, she's going to want to do everything humanly possible for the baby, and when she's not busy trying to be the girl you married, she's going to be pissed at you because she isn't her, or because you aren't helping enough, or helping too much, or for not understanding, or sleeping too well....I'm sure you get the picture.:p

    Not all women work the same, (right, ladies?), so there's no specific advice for you. Just be the man she needs, do what you are told, as well as the things you aren't, and understand, you are now number two in the depth chart...and that's OK.;)
  5. Seriously pregnant bear. Ain't got nottin' on momma bear.
  6. Bull

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    Congrats Flyboy!...... Cute kid.
  7. Dagwood

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    Congrats! He's awesome!
  8. lsi1

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    congrats on the baby boy. You've just been introduced to the most frustrating person you've ever met.

    Listen to Ajole he's right.

    Just a couple years from now your wife is gonna look back at the last 9 months of hell and somehow defying all logic and reason she'll remember it as one of the happiest periods of her life. Somehow all the puking, tiredness, food cravings that cause her to eat stuff she never would, and don't forget about those mood swings because she will. Your job is to pretend like you loved it too even though closing your head in a door seems like it might be more fun.

    We have a baby girl due in 41 days and thats much too soon but still too far away.
  9. Congrats to both you and your wife. Be prepared to be a distant #2 now.

    All your good for now is opening jar lids!!!
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    Congratulations big guy!
  11. FlashBang

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  12. Actually just the puking. Otherwise, she had no fatigue (outside the norm), food cravings or mood swings.
    And no doubt, he's made short work of that; we're having some feeding issues that we're working out, but he's so stinkin' cute it's stupid. :p
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    thats great. your a lucky man. soon enough you'll be wishing he'd just stop eating and please go back to sleep.
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    Congrats! That's awesome
  15. planosteve

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    Congratulation to you and the spousal unit on the production of flyboy part deux. :baby:
  16. cicpup

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    Yup. Some you turn over gently while others need to be kick started.
  17. That's awesome. Congrats! Cherish every moment, good and bad. Remember, your job is to help him become a self-sufficient person who (hard thing to accept here) doesn't need to rely on you when he's an adult, but still wants your advice.

    But from reading your posts, I suspect you already know that. You'll be a great dad!
  18. cicpup

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    So is he American, Britt or both?
  19. Visper

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    Congrats Flyboy!! Beautiful baby you guys got there.