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New Daypack / overnight Rucksack

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Well, I guess it’s actually used. French military surplus. I bought it because I thought it was the backpack I used as a Boy Scout. Bought it at the Army Navy Surplus store in my hometown. I remember it as a canvas and rubber bucket style backpack. I used it up until I joined the Marine Corps when I was introduced to the ALICE pack, which I used up until just a couple of years ago, when I started using Helikon Tex and Hidden Woodsmen gear.

Don’t know what ever happened to my first backpack. I looked for another of what I thought was a surplus US back for a long time. A couple of weeks ago, I found what I believe was my first backpack. It was listed as the French F1. $19.99, I ordered it.

Last weekend my French F1 backpack arrived. Except it was not the F1. A little disappointed, but I gave it a look see before sending it back. I discovered that they had sent me a French F2 backpack, which I think is the predecessor to the Fi. It differed by having 2 side pouches. It has the bucket, a rear slit pocket and another slit pocket on the back of the pack. It also has a fairly large front pocket, which I remember was on my "Boy Scout" pack as well.

I decided to keep it. I loaded up my 4 sets of clothes in the pack and was surprised that there was room to spare!. I put a Nalgene bottle and nesting cup in one of the side pockets. Again, there was room to spare., the other side pocket remained empty . I put my electronic gear in the front pouch.

There is a greenway near the second house that has been closed for a while, just reopened this spring. It‘s a mile out and a mile back, I thought it would be a good test for the French F2. The pack worked well, it was comfortable, and would make a very good day pack to weekend pack. I would recommend this one to anyone looking for an inexpensive but sturdy and capable rucksack.
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