new (do every thing to 995 manual) on ebay

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  1. madmedic5

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    saw a new 32 page do every thing manual on ebay for the 995
    no I am not selling nor do I know the seller
    Just wanted to pass info along and was also woundering if anyone has bought one and if so what they think of it-might spend the 10 bucks to find out , but then thats another 50rnd if its no good
  2. Thorn 242

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    thats could find all mods for it here for free

  3. Sweet. Good idea lol. Or just sell a link to a scanned version for a buck and make even more.
  4. I suspect strongly that this is exactly what it is: and extraction of all the good stuff here, repackaged for those who haven't found us.

    Update: I tried to list an item on eBay,under the same category and for free, and I can't get to the same category. GRRRRRR.

    The idea: create a near-copy/parody pointing here, so that anyone who finds his item, also gets a pointer to this forum.
  5. Thorn 242

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    Its all about the money :roll:
  6. Picture of manual

    Here's a picture of the "Do All" manual from EBay. Apparently the company that prints the manual does similar manuals for other rifles, too.


    Total cost including shipping is $10. I was tempted to get one just to see what it looks like, but decided against it.

    Personally, I think that whoever put this thing together has done a good thing, and that the manual will prove truly helpful to some people, even if they could find the stuff at this forum. $10 isn't all that much for the author to ask for his work.
  7. madmedic5

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    It would not be too bad a deal, if you did not know how to find the stuff here
  8. I bought one of those at a gun show years ago when I first got my 995. Ah, the heady days of 2000, people weren't afraid to fly, gas was under two bucks a gallon, and loading a page like this would've taken two minutes using my 56K modem.

    It's got a few helpful instructions in there. I used it to replace my firing pin.
  9. Thorn 242

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    Wouldnt that be sweet?....a titanium fire pin for the hp....what about that there, Bushman?
  11. To answer the question, my 995 wasn't working right, the firing pin obviously wasn't hitting the primer hard enough. (A slight dent, but no bang.) I opened it up, and lo and behold, a bent firing pin plus a spring that had snapped and telescoped on itself. I called up the factory, and they offered to send me a replacement. I figured, since I already had it open, why not. I got it, put it in, and I got to give it a much thorough cleaning than usual. That, and I saved myself all the shipping costs.
  12. I saw that one for sale before this forum existed.

    I also figured I could do about the same thing, and learn by doing in the process. The result is the link at the top of the forum, and a 100 page .pdf document that I'm working on.
  13. I eventually did send it back for a complete tune up when something else broke and I did get the two extra mags for my trouble. But if you look through the forum, bent firing pins tend to be a reoccurring issue. In fact, they said they replaced my firing pin once again when I sent it back, so I'm on my third firing pin. If it bends again, I'll just ask them to send me another replacement instead of sending it back again.
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    i sometimes tap the mag on my head...thats about as hard as it gets....did i just type that?