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New EASY GRIP charging handles for HP Carbines

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Here are a few pics of our new Easy Grip charging handles. These things only require about 50% of the effort needed to manually pull back and charge the gun. Also has the ability to do a manual hold-open position with or without the magazine. Are they funny looking...?...yes, a little. Do they actually work and make the gun easier to operate...?...YES, they do. Machined from Black Delrin (Acetal) and comes with our machined and hardened charging handle bolt. Because they are made from Delrin, these things are extremely light in weight and do not affect the blow-back operation of the gun. We have sent out a few of these to a handful of customers to try out and they really like them a lot. Great for people with arthritic hands and/or wrist issues. Much better leverage and easier to grab onto and operate. Lifetime warranty, too. Gonna be available on our website this week. They will be also start to be listed and sold on Ebay later this evening. Only a couple dollars more than our other handles.


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Cool! Might have to get a couple of those!
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