New enterprise behind manufacturing Cobra derringers?

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  1. While perusing on of the online gun auction sites, I ran across a Cobra derringer with a funky looking trigger guard. So last night, when I saw a Cobra derringer with an odd and unsightly trigger guard, I figgered Cobra had a lawyer do a redesign.

    Here's a pic.
    Cobra derringer Bearman.jpg
    Then I took a closer look. "Bearman Salt Lake City, UT" not Cobra. But the box says Cobra.
    In the past Cobra has used the name "Kodiak" before (i.e. their Denali model has sported both Cobra and Kodiak) but I have never seen Bearman. FWIW, Bearman is listed as an 07 FFL. Who knows.

    And that is one of the fugliest trigger guards I've ever seen.

    Cobra derringer Bearman closeup.jpg
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  2. SWAGA

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    Not only that these suckers are getting bigger and bigger and you’d have a two-shot which is the same size as a PPK/Bersa.
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    We have the 38.spl it's a bastard to shoot
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  4. I got the CB380 since I couldn't get it in any other caliber locally and later ordered a 9mm long barrel from Cobra due to the cost of .380 ammo and my other handguns are 9mm.

    Cobra's customer service is terrible and I had to wait a while to get the 9mm barrel. Maybe if they were bought out, the customer service will be better.

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  5. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Cobra and Bearman share an address according to a Utah FFL locator. It’s out in West Salt Lake, in a light industrial area, so they could be making them there.
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  6. Quavodus

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    A friend had an older one, and I shot it. Every time you shot it, you would have to readjust it in your hand.
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    I have a Bond Arms Derringer in .357 magnum. 38 special is a nice gentle round to shoot compared to the magnum.
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  8. Friend of mine has a Bond Arms in 45 Long Colt. Ouch!
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    Thought about getting one a couple of time, being raised on John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and Yancey Derringer. Sounds like the .22lr or .22 mag is the best way to go if I actually want to shoot it
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  10. Dragonbreath

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    The beauty of the bond arms derringers is that all the barrels are interchangeable. You buy one frame and if you want a different caliber, just buy the barrel. One screw to change it.
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  11. What ammo do you guys use? I'm thinking it does make a difference because I've watched many Derringer uploads at youtube and have seen rounds keyhole when hitting the target at a distance.

    I've read in the manual for my Cobra not to use +P. so I've been using 9mm Blazer and thinking about going to Hornady Critical Defense Lite 9mm.
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    I don’t think you need to use any fancy ammo as you’re not going to reach expansion velocities with almost no useful barrel.
    I have no idea if the ammo specifically designed for short barrels would make a difference.
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  13. Thanks for the link. I did however switch to a 3.5" barrel on it, so it should have no problem being accurate at a bit of a distance with standard ammo.

    I've only had it out once since the barrel swap and the only thing I remember is it shoots a bit low.
  14. Cobras have some interchangeability but AFAK not across the board. I've done .32 to .25 and 22LR to 22 mag.
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  15. I think they're all interchangeable as well. See page 4 & 5...

    When I got my 9mm long barrel swapped onto the frame, the barrel wouldn't lock because there was too much material on the casting on the bottom of the barrel, so I filed at it until it would lock.

    If you're interested in a CB380 barrel, I have one to sell because I doubt I'll ever use it again.
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  16. SWAGA

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    So it wasn’t interchangeable ;)
  17. I have read before that they are. Oh well, it works now.:D
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  18. thundercroozer

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    Just a guess that it could be in the difference in the frames,, there were three different frames for them,, the standard,, big bore,, and long bore.. Putting a long bore barrel,, on a big bore frame may have created the difference in lock up..

    I have the multi barrel set in the big bore,, got it for about a 1/3rd of the cost at of all places,, a gun show about 15yrs ago. have wanted to get the standard multi barrel set,, someday
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    The cobra is the only gun I would not feel bad selling.
  20. That's 'cause you've never had the pleasure of owning a Lorcin.
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