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New enterprise behind manufacturing Cobra derringers?

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While perusing on of the online gun auction sites, I ran across a Cobra derringer with a funky looking trigger guard. So last night, when I saw a Cobra derringer with an odd and unsightly trigger guard, I figgered Cobra had a lawyer do a redesign.

Here's a pic.
Revolver Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Gun accessory

Then I took a closer look. "Bearman Salt Lake City, UT" not Cobra. But the box says Cobra.
In the past Cobra has used the name "Kodiak" before (i.e. their Denali model has sported both Cobra and Kodiak) but I have never seen Bearman. FWIW, Bearman is listed as an 07 FFL. Who knows.

And that is one of the fugliest trigger guards I've ever seen.

Trigger Automotive exterior Air gun Gun accessory Bumper
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That's why my pocket pistol is a 5 shot NAA 22 mag with the 1 5/8" ported barrel. It's a hoot to shoot and sends a tongue of flame out that's impressive for its size. My Cobra derringers are holding down a small spot in the safe. They work (got a .22 and a .380) but I want more than two shots if I'm down to my last chance.
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