New enterprise behind manufacturing Cobra derringers?

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    That's why my pocket pistol is a 5 shot NAA 22 mag with the 1 5/8" ported barrel. It's a hoot to shoot and sends a tongue of flame out that's impressive for its size. My Cobra derringers are holding down a small spot in the safe. They work (got a .22 and a .380) but I want more than two shots if I'm down to my last chance.
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    I have one. First the ejector broke. After that, the bottom firing pin sometimes gives a light hit resulting know. One shot 'derringer' so named, Junk.

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    My uncle carried a NAA .22 Mag. for a while. Had a lazer sight on it. Actually pretty accurate at about 15 yards. He carried a Springfield 1911 .45 for a long time before that. I think he wanted less weight.
  4. Tried to access cobra's website today and it seems to be down.
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    Cobra and Bond must have the same law firm. They both now have goofy trigger guards. GetImage.jpg
  6. I took the Cobra out today and decided to switch back to the 380 barrel because I remember it being much more accurate.
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