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  1. This is what my wife wanted for mother's day, who am I to argue.
    Got this little puppy at a gun show today and 400 rds of ammo. Now heres the bad part the range here doesn't allow FMJ's and I didn't even think about it when I made the 400rd purchase....bummer!

  2. Sweet. What better way to look after the kids? :)

  3. Put the FMJ ammo aside for a 'rainy' day and buy range-approved ammo for practice. You need to keep ammo on hand anyway :wink:
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    Congrats on the new baby. I have a new baby coming eventually. I just have to pay the doctors bill.
  5. We went to an indoor range that allows the FMJ and ran thru about 180 rounds, frickin sweet! This is my wifes new zombie gun.
    We also put about 200 rounds thru the 995 and 100 each in the 40 and the 45.
    My friend bought a new S&W 40 at the show and he's not happy, seems after shooting it and my HP 40 he thinks he should have saved his self some money and got a Hi-point.
  6. well, at least he figured it out!! some never do... :lol:
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    Sweet! I just got back from the range with Dosanti and my Yugo Underfolder. They sure are nice!!