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    I know this has been covered several times, So why not once more.

    FireStorm has been saying that they will have their new line of 1911s
    ( These are not the old Lama models or Armscor but another manufacturer from the Philippines) [​IMG] out this year. Well it is December and as far as I know they still are not here. What kind of Xmas will we have if we cant have a new FireStorm 1911 under the Xmas Tree?

    Does any one know anything other than the new 1911s will be out late 2007? It just aint cutting it for me. I want my new pet.
  2. just get a ria. tested and proven :)

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  4. I have had execellent expierences with Bersa/Firestorm pistols in the past and dont expect anything less from the Firestorm 1911. But like any new pistol to the market I am a bit reserved when buying something that does not have a user track record. I would hold off for a year or so and watch the user feedback to see if it has any bugs to be worked out before forking out the cash.

    RIA's have a very good track record and if I wanted a 1911 style pistol right now the RIA is what I would get.

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    RIA all the way....................
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    I am for hearing about any new 1911 on the market... I have not heard good things about RIA customer service. So I have have not gotten one. I have been looking very close at the Springfields.
  7. Who's feeding you the BS?
    They have an excellent reputation for customer service. In fact one of their customer service/service guys goes by the name Ivan over on the 1911forums. If someone has a problem they can contact him directly over there.
    The Armscor brands in general have excellent reputations over on the 1911forum from the owners of said pieces.
  8. AJMBLAZER is right about Ivan and Armscor. People on those forums have a great opinion of him and the service Armscor provides. He has given people his email and phone number and offered to personally handle their problems. Most people who have the pistols are big supporters of the product. Kind've similar to another value product with strong owner support I might be able to think of... :idea:
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    Good to hear that... I read more then one person saying that they could never get to a live person. When they left messages they would never get a call back. But this has a been a couple of years ago while helping a friend decide what 1911 to get.
  10. That's exactly what I was thinking myself. They're sort of the HP of 1911's.

    They did get a bad reputation around 2001-2002 when they first started filtering in because Armscor had some issues with production quality with their first batches. However they fixed the issues, fixed the problem guns, and since then they've been great.

    Also, as I referenced in the other RIA thread on this forum in the past few days SARCO was initially a big partner in bringing the RIA's to market. When RIA/Armscor wouldn't concede to some of SARCO's demands they went their separate ways but SARCO maintained their control of the website and put some bad info up on it about the brand and it's continuation in the USA. They also pretty much told everyone who called looking for RIA/Armscor to either f-off or didn't reply at all like your friend experienced.
    The jokes on SARCO as the RIA's are now available everywhere and sell like hotcakes while SARCO's reputation hasn't gotten any better.
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  12. I love my RIA. I even updated it with some of the things associated with higher end 1911's. Beavertail Grip Safety, Commander Hammer, Wilson Combat Trigger... Its a real shooter...