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    I have been getting some light strikes on my used C9 over the past couple of months. Initially I decided to stretch out the firing pin spring. That worked fine for a few hundred rounds. When the problem resurfaced again in the last two weeks I called Beemiller.

    All that it cost me was I was required to give them the serial number of my weapon.

    The tech person said that she was going to ship a new spring and firing pin, she was insistant that I change the pin as well.

    At first glance the only difference was that the new spring was 45 mm long and my old spring was only 41 mm long.

    I carefully inspected the firing pin and the new one had a much shorter radius on the striking end of it. The old one had a flatter radius on the end of it. My guess is that the new design penetrates the primer deeper.

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  2. Right at the 1200rd mark I had to replace my C9 firing pin spring and pin as well.

    I tried to "order" a few extra springs, but they would not sell them and would only send out a single spring, firing pin and spring guides as a replacement. I prefer having a few spares on hand and dont mind paying for them either.


  3. The firing pin is the only real flaw that I see in the hi point weapons, as it is used for ejection, it is eventually going to bend.

    I have taken a bent pin and straightned it out with a small hammer and used it until its replacement arrived, but once they bend they seem to want to bend faster after straightning

    I was lucky to talk to someone that understood that I wanted 2 firing pin sets for all of my hi point weapons in case gun laws got strict and I would have trouble getting them.

    They sent me out extra sets for all of my hi point weapons.