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    I've been hanging around and doin a WHOLE lotta research on a 995ts. Passed up some deals and finally brought a brand new one home today for 256.00 out the door. ( No forward grip, lights or scopes ).
    I've still got a lot to learn. With safety being a priority of course, I still have some questions.
    I haven't been to the range yet as I wanted to familiarize my self with the rifle at home. ( I do own a Ruger P95 and have enjoyed learning how to use it safely at the indoor range. Going tomorrow for some 995 seat time )
    My question is regarding the charging handle and how to relocate it to the right side. Does grinding need to be done? Is there a simple kit to install? I'd rather not grind and or modify yet, as this is an investment for me.
    It just feels to me more comfortable with my left hand on the forward stock, finger off the trigger.
    Any advice?
    Thx in advance.
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    Welcome welcome don't let the weirdos scare you away LOL oh wait that's the majority of us on this site