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  1. J2H

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    Hey all,
    I am new to the boards, and to Hi-Points. I am a Security Officer in Lexington that needs a duty weapon for work, and I keep coming across Hi-Points, but I am seeing LOTS of mixed reviews. I am trying to gain some meaningful insight as to whether or not a Hi-Point is worth the money.
  2. planosteve

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    First let me welcome you to the asylum, I mean forum. Second the HP pistols are a very good bang for your buck, pun intended. If you are on a limited budget they will be fine after you get a few hundred rounds through them. They are also a very good club.

  3. cicpup

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    Guessing you'll be OCing it? Think about the JCP/JHP. Tend to run smoother out of the box than the C-9/380. And more intimidating. Plus an accurate 40/45 for under $200 is a good buy any day.
  4. J2H

    J2H Security Officer Member

    Yes Open Carry, at first, then eventually I will get my Concealed Security Permit
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  6. ajole

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    NE Utah
    What cicpup said. I'd go .40, one extra bullet and generally better ballistics than the .45.

    I am an HP fan, not a fanboi, so while the JCP is a decent OC gun, I'd suggest as you move toward concealed, you start saving up for a "better" higher capacity gun than the C9 or CF380.
  7. Hipointer

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    True here. My JHP is one of the best shooting handguns I have ever shot. She's ah "big-un", but it is sooooooooo easy to shoot well. ;)
  8. SWAGA

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    I bought my JHP at a pawnshop for $100
    Couple of days ago bought a flush fitting 7 round mag on eBay so it wouldn't look like I'm carrying spare batteries at the range.
    Follow up mags will be the 9 rounders.
    Since they're equal size I prefer the .45 but that's because I'm a .45 fanboi
    Buy what you can afford I'd say.
    Depending on your work you may be better off with a police trade in ( Glock)
  9. wganz

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    Got my JHP .45 for $151.

    Once you get the paychecks rolling in, you can transition to a more concealable piece. Summit has Kahr CT9's for $299. Almost as big as a G19, but is a lot thinner. My CW45 is about the same thickness and note the difference between the Kahr and the G19 on top and the C9 in the center.


    Thinner == easier to conceal.
  10. Visper

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    Welcome aboard! Lots of great info and people here!!

    As for HP pistols, love em! They might not win any beauty contests but they go bang when you pull the trigger. If you do have any problems that aren't addressed on these boards Mom will always fix her up for ya!
  11. colthrash

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    keep in mind ammo availability as part of your choice equation...
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    Welcome aboard the good ship crazya**. Please enjoy your stay and be aware these kids like to mess with security officers and mall ninjas :D
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    Not true. We mess with everybody.
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    That is also true :rolleyes:
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    We are absolutely non-discriminatory.......
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    We are equal opportunity purveyors of evil shenanigans and verbal abuse, unless you look like sasquatch. We don't like them thar furry bastids.
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    ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1415439829.632375.jpg .............
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    Welcome welcome welcom
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