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  1. New to handguns JHP .45 ACP first semi auto handgun. Very well impressed with build and fit. Breaking in has functioned reliably, used +P 1st 20 rounds. Haven't really got sighted in but seems to be settling down probably weapon and me. Some where around 100 rounds so far.
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    Welcome from the great southwest!

    Now you need a 4595ts to go with your jhp.

    Fun fun fun!!

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    Welcome! We'd love to see pictures to go with your range reports.
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    from the
    Home State
    Hi Point
    Ohio State
    National Champions​
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    Welcome and good choice on your JHP. You now need to get extra mags and lots of ammo. Lots and lots of ammo. They are a blast to shoot.
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    Welcome to TA.
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    Welcome to TnA
    But you have to be a premium member to get that LOL
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    SD is where we send our waste. :-D JK welcome from ND.