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    Hey all...I'm Ray. Retired USAF MSgt, IDMT (medic). Also Vol FF so you get my screen name. Getting back into the hand gun scene after a long time away. last pistol was a Taurus 92 9mm back in the day. I have been looking at Hi Point as of late because of the price. At first I looked at Hi Point (because of my budget) and I thought either too good to be true or they are junk. Well it seems there are two camps regarding Hi Point, love em or hate em. However, I have not seen or read a single article or video that says they are unreliable or not accurate. Heavy? yes. Ugly? yes. Well so is my drill which I didn't buy for looks, it drills which is what I need it to do. So I will eventually be getting my IL CC and am wondering if either the 0.380 or 9mm hi point is realistic for CC (size and weight being the two factors). So any help along those lines would be appreciated. Thanks all and appreciate any feedback.
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    Welcome from Pennsylvania!!

    The C9 and the C380 are the same gun, just different barrels. I would go with the 9mm but that's just me.

    You can carry either, I know some on here have. It isn't optimal but it can be done. A good belt and a solid holster.

    Once again welcome, and either way you go you won't regret it.

    They have been know to multiply... quickly...


    Almost forgot, thank you for your service.

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    Welcome from Fenton, MO! Hi Points are great pistols, but too large for CC, IMO. Maybe in winter, but too large to conceal well without an outer garment.
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    Ever consider making the short move from the People's Republic of Ill-annoy to Missouri?
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    Welcome to the forum, I don't CC my JHP (45) but a few people here have CC's the 9mm and 380. I know Tallbump carried his so you might want to see what he has to say.
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    Anyone from the St. Louis area should be looking into semi auto high cap rifles. They are cheap now, get two.
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    More than once believe me. :)
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    Welcome to the forum..... Independence MO here.
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    Welcome from surprisingly beautiful ND!