New front sight design ???

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by shotsfired, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. shotsfired

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    Anyone seen this yet?
  2. SteveC

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    Looking at the rest of the front end (i.e., flash hider) I doubt the front sight is a factory deal.

  3. Think1st

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    Well, the flash suppressor looks integral with the shroud, based on what looks like tension screws on the bulges area under the barrel. Behind that, the front sight is definitely not factory. The base is a one-piece design, without the ability to do course elevation adjustments.

    Altogether, it is a nice-looking package. Where did this come from?
  4. NO way, the factory would never get rid of that awesome lower rail everyone takes off.

    Normally i would think this was definitely a mod job. but usually those have some other obvious modifications.

    This one looks bone stock to me except the barrel and front sight.
  5. talon

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    I agree. If someone was going to take the time and effort to fabricate such a set-up, for pure customization, leaving the rest of the rifle completely stock doesnt seem like it would really happen. This could be a prototype by the factory or aftermarket. Its a clean looking piece for sure. Maybe they're finally going to give us a small update to the platform....
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  7. talon

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    It clearly states that it is:

    "[email protected]
    We will be offering a new and better front sight, adj. for elevation, and a steel threaded muzzle device body for the Hi-Point 995TS 9mm carbine. This will have a .406 through hole and 1/2-28 threads and will be compatible with muzzle devices with .406 or larger through holes and 1/2-28 threads. Below are photos of the prototype with 2 different flash hiders. The weight of this part is 4 oz. with a standard A2 flash hider and crush washer, and it extends the barrel length by approximately 2" with an A2 hider. It will be attached with Loctite Mil-spec 620 and 3 8-32 set screws. You will have to remove the factory under barrel rail to use thi products, however it will allow many options for muzzle devices to upgrade the performace and look of your 995TS.
    click an image for close up."