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  1. Rachgier

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    I was cleaning out the third bay in my garage and came upon the tangled web of fishing gear my kids left me after their last trip to the canal, and decided I needed a new setup. While picking up a couple of things today I noticed that Wally World was running a clearance on 90% of their fishing gear so I decided to wait until the rush was over and go back to see what was up.

    Went back and spotted an Ugly Stik GX2 combo for $30. I picked up the 6'6" medium action version. I like it. Spooled it with some 8# low-vis trilene and tossed on a sliding sinker rig to do some yard casting.

    Maybe I'll go do some fishing this week.
  2. duster066

    duster066 Supporting Member

    How does that #8 work for stream trout in them hills? I found it way to heavy in ID and here. Finicky high pressured trout would ignore it. I settled on #4 max. If the egg or fly showed any artificial movement bite count plummeted.

  3. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    The 8# is my main line. My leader is around 2ft of 6# low vis. We were killing them last fall at elk camp with the same setup.

    I've got a 3-piece 9 ft ultra-light that had it's reel donated to a kid who birdnested his so many times that I launched it in to the deep dark recesses of the garage. Gives me an excuse to buy another reel and string it up with something lighter. I'll probably pick up a shimano 2500 for that one. I thought about raiding my GTFO gear for the reel that goes with my collapsible fishing rod, but decided not to.

    I'm also looking at picking up a Berkley Fusion 7 ft medium/heavy spinner combo set up with 12# for catfish and the like.
  4. duster066

    duster066 Supporting Member

    Most of my success with trout has been from streams with a flyrod or ultra light set up. The bait had to bob and float naturally or they wouldn't touch it. Here I can't really say, but I suspect the same. Most easy access streams get so much pressure I can't catch chit. I gave up long ago. But a move back to Idaho is in the works. There is an initial phone interview today. Fingers crossed they will pay dearly for her services, cause that's what it will take.;)
  5. ajole

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    NE Utah
    You know, it's weird...I always look for that diamond in the rough, a low-mid priced spin casting reel that is on a deep discount sale. And every time, I end up going back to a stupid Zebco 202 that cost about $6, but just keeps working.:rolleyes:

    On the spinning reel side, I've enjoyed a Daiwa Underspin spincaster lately on my ultralight rig. Shimano does some good spinning reels as well.

    And my fly all the way. I have the fiberglass 7' Eagle Claw pack rod, and a cheap Martin 9' graphite rod, with some Crystal River Cahill reels at about $10-12 each.

    We do a lot of trout out here, brown and brook and rainbow and cut throat, plus walleye in the nearest reservoir, and even salmon in Strawberry reservoir.

    Flies and spinners and small Rapalas are what most use, plus bait in places where it's allowed.
  6. Kituwa

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    When i was still in east TN , in the winter we small mouth fished with something that us locals called a float n fly rig. Mine is a St Crox 8'6" with a Mitchel 300X spinning reel spooled with 4lb line. You rig up a small sliding float with a tiny feather jig. When the water is cold the small mouth will be in deep drop off and such so the slidding float lets the small jig get down as deep as you need to. The long very limber rod allows you to fight a big smally without it breaking the 4lb line. Works like a charm and you can cast it a mile even with a very light lure. The rod looks like a flyrod with spinning guides and seat. It also works great for trout fishing if your not into flyrods. I use it for large mouth fishing here in south bama too, when i need to cast real small lures like for very clear lakes. You do have to use lures with fine wire hooks for bass or you will never be able to set the hook in a bass's hard mouth though.
  7. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    So, update without pics. Took the ugly stik out and smoked my limit in about 45 minutes. I even got to be picky they were hitting so well. I even decided to see how the 9 ft graphite rod handled, and caught my last trout of the day on it. You would have thought I was reeling in a whale on that light action rod the way it was bent over.

    Went out the following day with the woman and didn't catch but one trout. She didn't catch anything either, so I blamed her for it all.
  8. Rachgier

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    Update #2:

    She left me alone in the sporting goods area again.....

    7' Medium/Heavy action

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