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Discussion in 'Gun Reviews and Range Reports' started by pogy, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. I picked up my new 995 today. Sorry, no picks but y'all know what they look like anyway. I was really pleased by the performance of my new weapon. I had no Failures to Fire, Eject, Feed or Cycle. It made be doubley happy because the 120 rounds I fired were the first batch of 9mm reloads I ever did.
    The carbine was dialed in well at 20 yds. As I stepped the target back, it was apparent that it was shooting a bit high and right. I was able to drop the elevation but did not have a screwdriver to adjust the windage. I was still able to hit a 10" target off a rest at 50 yds.
    This is the most fun gun that I own!!! :D I can't wait for the warmer weather.
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    The more you fire the more you are going to love it. I have fired 700 rounds thru mine already and already have 1200 loaded for my next three outings. I can't wait for the weekends to come.(Range is only open on Sat.&Sun). Good luck and enjoy.

  3. When Beemiller made the 995 they had no idea how much fun people would have with it. I think the 995 is one of their most popular models along with the C9. I am very happy with my C9 and 995, only complaints I have is not enough range time to shoot em.
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    They certainly are fun weapons to shoot. I love that little thing, don't get me wrong I love shooting my AK but the 9mm doesn't hurt so bad after 300 rounds!
  5. "because y'all know what they look like anyway"?????? Are you nuts?

    Of course we do! We STILL love to see pics. The guns, the range, your gear, got a girlfriend....... then her too!!!! [ Just kidding! ]

    Sounds like you had the type of first out many of us have had. GOOD for you, sir!
  6. Glad you got your carbine in Pogy. They're outstanding shooters.