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    I am thinking of spending my $600 economic stimulus money on some new firearms
    What im thinking of adding to the collection

    hi-point c-9 comp
    mosin nagant 91/30
    nagant revolver(just for fun)
    Czech CZ-52

    all of them except the nagant revolver should be nice and cheep to shoot.
    any other ideas? i would even be in the market for a cheeper revolver
  2. How about a revolver from Charter Arms? They are reasonably priced to fit your theme. I'd also toss out the FEG PA 63 as an idea. Cheap, cool looking, and reasonably priced to shoot. Then again there is always the Ruger revolvers. A bit more spendy but still not too bad and worth every penny. Good luck! :)

  3. All good choices except I cannot speak persoanlly about the Nagant revolver as I have never seen one.

    My advice would be to try and get a thousand rounds of ammo per weapon and keep it, because you never know what is going to happen tomorrow.

    Have fun!
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  5. +2.....

    i would shorten my list, and stack up on ammo....