new guy from east tennessee.

Discussion in 'Welcome Aboard' started by jamian, Feb 14, 2015.

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    Hey guys I just bought my first hi point 995 and just waiting to pick it up and send some rounds through it. Just doing as much reading as I can on the forum and gathering a lot of good info on here. Looking forward to see what this gun has to offer. I'm definitely not a gun snob and I don't know a whole lot of stuff but I'm learning and getting into firearms more and more. I don't have a arsenal yet but I do have enough that you wouldn't want to break into my home while I'm there.
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    Welcome! We love pictures and range reports. Feel free to ask questions - we have enough people here to answer your questions, and have a lot of fun doing it.

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    from the
    Home State
    Hi Point
    Ohio State
    National Champions​
  4. Welcome from Oregon!
  5. Welcome from South Dakota, I have split residence live in TN on Nikajack most.
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    Welcome from the frozen tundra of ND
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    Yeah I know where that is. My main hobby and sport is fishing yet I have never fished it but I am on another forum called and have several contacts that do. I live in morristown tn. And right on Cherokee lake. Have only been down here for about 7 years and originally from Rockford IL.
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    My arsenal is the reason someone would break into my home. I have my guns to protect my guns, what a circle.
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    I wallpapered the outside of my house with pics of my arsenal hoping that someone might try out my 2nd amendment rights. No takers yet but a girl can continue to hope
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    Welcome from a snow covered Seymour TN...
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    Welcome from hell (aka -23 below ND)