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new guy from washington state..

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hello all i just stumbled across this site while reading up ion some hi point products. i find it a very useful and knowledgeable site. i will make some posts wen i feel i have the insight and will always be looking for new and exciting products.

we here in washington state are a OC (open carry) state. which i find not many promote or even do . the 1 thing i am looking for is more discussions on open carry states and people who actually do OC. as i said i recently purchased the .40 cal s$w and i am having a hard time finding a holster to fit this big gun. so any help or and info on were to go find 1 that maybe is strictly made for a hi point firearm. Ty for any help and again glad to be here .. Mr.40cal
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:welcome: You can start here: http://www.hi-pointfirearms.net/products.asp
:welcome: From Ohio You might want to check out the Fobus Paddle holster. That is what I use for my C9.
:welcome: MO. Here!!! :yes: ;D
:welcome: From South Carolina.
:welcome:Hello fellow Washingtonian! Where are you located? I'm in North Central Washington. Welcome to the forum.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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