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    Hey fellas. I just bought my 4595TS a few months ago. Got a good deal so I jumped on it. I was finishing up a few other projects at the time so I haven't been able to play with it much, hoping to take it to the range for the first time next week and she how she performs. Just about every review I have read online have said the same thing, they are ugly but there reliability, function, toughness and accuracy are top notch right out of the box. I personally like the look of the 45acp carbine but am looking to improve a few things to be more efficent with it.

    I have a few questions as far as modifying this carbine and what I can and can't do.

    First is it possible to switch the charging handle to the right side on the 45acp model carbine? I have seen them for the 995s but not the 4095 or 4595s? I'm left handed so this is a major one, I know I can find a way but figured I'd check to see if maybe there already is a way.

    Has anyone ever cut the buttstock off and installed say an m4 style stock? Or what I was thinking an AK folding stock? Is it possible? Will it void the warranty if I do this?

    Is there any way to modify the mag release to be either ambi or on the right side? Again another lefty issue lol.

    Another modification I was thinking of doing was to remove both front and rear sights and install a set of flip up sights. Is there a longer top rail made for these carbines? I was thinking of adding like a 5"-6" piece of rail directly in front of the current top rail to extend the iron sight radius. Hard for me to explain but where the top rail ends there is approx. 5"-6" more space where a piece of rail could go say if you bolted it on. Does anyone make anything like this or would I have to just make it myself?

    Sorry for all the quesitons in my first post but I have been eyeballing this baby in my safe for months and have all these ideas stirring in my head that I want to do and thought it would be best to ask some more knowledgeable people before I start cutting and modifying just in case. Also does any of the stuff I mention void the warranty?

    I appreciate any help/advice or suggestions you can give me.

    Thanks, Chris
  2. talon

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    no, only the 995 can be swapped for the charging handle.

    various other types of stocks: yes. see the various stickied paint/custom/modification threads. from folding stocks to telescoping stocks and everything in between has been done. as for the warranty, most likely yes, but, a new stock is 50 bucks give or take, so buy a spare and dont worry about it.

    several different types of upper rail mods. from ebay extended rails, to using a second stock rail, and modding it to fit over the latch and adding a bolt to the other end over the barrel. i have a thread showing how to do that way.

    pretty much, if it can be done, it has been done around here.

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    heres a pic of my extended rail, using a second stock rail:

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    Brass Stacker makes a right side charging handle for the 995, but not the other two carbines.

    Yes plenty of people have cut off the original stock and changed it out. If you go to the carbine forum here, you'll see lots of examples. You'll need to rethink the way the stock is connected though, and be prepared to pad out empty space, so you might want to learn about working with plastics.

    The mag release wouldn't work ambidextrously due to the way it catches and releases the magazine. It's a very simple device.

    On the top rail and sights. Yes I've done that very thing. The cheaper solution is just to buy a short section of magpul poly rail, drill into the fore end and screw it right in there. If you want something more solid though you can get a full length aluminum rail (though it's a bit pricy, and will make the gun heavier).
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    I appreciate everyone's advice. Do you guys happen to have links to the threads where you modified the buttstock and rail? I was trying to look for them but haven't found them yet. Are there any threads that show in detail how to convert to a folding stock? Or a telescoping stock even?

    Talon- nice rail! Which exact rail did you use to do that? That's exactly what I would like to do.

    I did see the picture thread man you guys have some awesome carbines!
  6. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    thats just a full replacement composite top rail, ordered from HiPoint. i turned it around, and had to slightly trim the part that fits over the latch, then set a metal straight edge along the side, to keep it in line with the original rail, then drilled a pilot hole thru the rail and the brace, and inserted a bolt and nut that i countersunk to sit flush. works perfectly, and is dirt cheap to do.
  7. Charge handles for right side mount are being looked at for the 4095 and 4595, will be a challenge. The 995 was not a problem. I hate that blasted left side charge handle because I am right handed.
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    NE Utah
    Considering the charging handle was designed for right handed shooters, that makes no sense at all.

    Leave your right hand on the pistol grip, just like using a pistol.

    Shoot until the bolt locks back (unless you have a classic, which has no LRHO)

    Using your right thumb or your left hand, press the mag release, grab a new mag with your left hand, insert into gun, grab charging handle with the left, pull back and release.


    Easy peasy.

    BTW, that's exactly how ARs, MP5s and most other pistol grip carbines work.
  9. Made perfect sense to me. I guess we agree to disagree. But appreciate your input, but I got this. I own AR 15s and AR10s. Charging handle is centered for left or right hand.
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    Since all the real questions have been answered, I'll just leave a couple inspirational pics of my 995TS.


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    Yeah...but you use the bolt release, which is on the left. Though you can reach over the top with your right, that's not how people are trained to change mags by the experts, unless they are left handed.

    It may make sense to you, but it's still not the normal technique. Feel free to use it, just understand, it's slower, and it's wrong.:p

    Yep, we can agree to disagree.:cool:

    But these Marines won't

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    Do you know what exactly is different between the charging handle for the 4095 and 4595 compared to the 995?

    I was thinking of ordering the one for the 995 and trying to modify it for the 4595, has this been attempted yet? Just by looking it over it seems it could be possible to cut out a section of receiver so the left side charging handle can go back all the way, have to do more in depth research on this though so I'm not positive.

    Or maybe mount the charging handle a little further up but that would take remodeling the bolt carrier which would not be easy if at all possible.

    Being left handed it really sucks the position the current charging handle is in, totally uncomfortable and takes way more time then needed to reload imo. I can see it being uncomfortable for a right handed shooter as well I agree with you.

    ajole- the problem is the charging handle is to far back, making it uncomfortable and inconvenient for a right handed shooter and definitely for a lefty like me. Like michael said, on the ARs and MP5s the charging handle is much further forward making it MUCH easier for right handed shooters and even lefties.
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    NE Utah
    I think the bolt is bigger. I could be wrong, since I never bothered checking it out, since I, like I was taught by the Army and as done by the Marines, know how to properly swap mags easily with my left hand.:rolleyes:

    I can see how it would be a problem for you, though. If I were at home, I'd check it for you. But I'm not.
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    AWESOME!! Makes perfect sense, didn't even think about that. I'll be adding that to my order tomorrow!

    Thanks again talon

    cicpup- that's a sweet looking setup you got there nice job! Definitely inspired
  15. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    if im not mistaken, someone tried the conversion already, or had bought the parts and compared them, and for some reason it didnt function properly as i recall. its been a good long time since anyone has asked about that, but, im almost 89.6% sure it didnt work properly. try the search for 'charging handle' or 'brass stacker' it should come up with a little digging.
  16. is researching it. They make the one for the 995. Friends of mine. They said that sales for the 995 dropped off to nothing and in the last year they have been slammed with orders for them and are researching the other two. Don't have time to get into the details but there is an interference area that has to be dealt with if possible.
  17. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    got a link to details of this? i know for a good long time, the brass stacker 995 one had been discontinued. havent checked the website again to see if its back in production. *(edit= just went to thier webpage, and in fact the 995 charging handle IS back in production. interesting)
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    I just contacted the guy that makes the over sized mag release, placing an order as we speak. The only problem some people said that the over sized button gets in the way for a left handed shooter?? What I was thinking is dremeling it down smaller, maybe a rectangle shape so it doesn't interfere with my shooting hand but it makes it easier to drop the mag.

    What do you guys think about that?

    Here's my parts list so far:

    Over sized mag release
    2nd top rail
    2 side rails
    ACE folding stock mechanism
    AK skeleton stock
    magpul flip up buis

    I'd also like to get a nice red/green dot but not sure which one, any recommendations?

    Last thing I will be doing is some sort of paint job just not sure what yet....thinking a nice od green with some foliage green maybe??
  19. talon

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    seriously, if you are not in a state of combat readiness, and absolutely have to drop and reload mags in 2.34 seconds, STOP thinking you need to. you DONT. and if you ever have to, well, you probably still cant, so you'll be fine. the oversize mag release wont get in the way or normal routine magazine changes for a lefty, speed drills, who knows, but again, before you get into thinking you'll ever need to swap out mags that fast, come back down to reality, and know you are safe, a normal speed mag change will be ok. :) and if you truly do need to changing mags that fast, you should probably be considering a different weapon in the first place.
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    Takes me 5x that just to get my second mag out of my pocket.