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  1. I just picked up my first Hi Point and am looking forward to firing it. I have other, more expensive handguns but have been lurking in these forums for awhile and decided to see what everyone is raving about here.

    FYI, my C9 was purchased at Cabelas--they didn't have any basic C9 packages (gun only), so they sold me one bundled with a Galco holster (from Hi Point) for the regular price ($169.00)--that seemed fair. Also, it's stamped from Strassell's Machine and has the slide serrations on the upper part of the slide (for those that care). The box it came in was also marked "by Strassell's Machine--I'm thinking this is a recent production C9.

    I did a careful inspection (no dis-assembly yet), oiled the inner part of the slide near the rear and the channel that the dolls head slides in--that made the slide move a lot smoother. The slide finish looks good, with no obvious marks or blemishes. The frame also looks decent and the function checks I did were all good.

    I've fired a C9 before and was impressed with the sights and it's accuracy, considering it's low cost. I also like the simplicity of the design. . . I appreciate good engineering.

    This is a really nice forum and you guys seem very helpful--keep up the good work! --Rob:)
  2. Let me be the first to welcome you Rob! And great deal with the holster!

    Read all the break in things if you already haven't. I'd not polish the feed ramp until it's been used and if it then is needed.

    The sights are the weak link, or have been traditionally. I haven't seen a new model but the old ones have a plastic rear sight that shifts if you touch it. Somewhere here you
    will find a link to Mahan sights... likely the best investment you can make on a HiPoint pistol! Read what others have reported on it with searches here.
    Then go here

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    Welcome to the Forum.
    Have you read up on all the at home tweaks you can do ?
    And do worry if you have black specks when you clean your C9 is normal.
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    Hi Point & ADDICTION are one in the same!
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys! I have reviewed several threads describing common tweaks to the C9. I'm not going to tweak anything before I shoot it--if it ain't broke, don't fix it is my motto. I did check the underside of the mag lips for burrs and both sides seem very smooth. If it feeds OK, I'll probably just clean it and continue to shoot it. I will load the mag and let it sit for awhile as that has helped my other other guns during break-in.

    Upon close inspection, I can't complain about the workmanship on such an inexpensive firearm. The powdercoat finish looks very decent and unlike many others, I don't find the looks of the C9 off-putting or "ugly" at all. I carry a Glock 23 for work and I'd say the C9 is comparable, if not a little nicer looking than the Glocks--I prefer the grip on the C9 over the Glock. . .It fits my hand better.
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    I left out the not part as in do not worry if black speck or flecks show up when cleaning or shooting, sorry type to slow ,brain think to fast, fat fingers but the gf doesn seem to mind:)
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    I'd love to see a pic of that!:):)

    More stuff for collectors to need.:p
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    Welcome to the forum Rowe!
  9. Curious... are you rowe from

  10. Yes I am. . . I still check in there occasionally.
  11. I used to hang there. I remember you as being one of the "good guys". Glad you found HP to be a good weapon,,, I bailed there after "don glock". Handle was glocknewb.

    Hope you find your HP to be a reliable piece. There are many good things about them that most elitist forums refuse to acknowledge. Fixed barrel being the pre-dominent factor for excellent accuracy.

    Needs some tweaking but it's affordable to do!!!

    Welcome old friend!!!!
  12. Thanks for the kind words ex_isp--I do try to treat people on forums as if they were face-to-face with me, and that helps me keep it real. . . I've got about 250 rounds through the C9 at this point, and although I had some initial feed issues, I expect it will wear in with some more use and I feel it's a good value. If I can get it as reliable as my Glocks, then I expect to have a good time with some gun snobs at the range some day! I'm definitely having fun with it. I won't be able to shoot it for a month or so because I'm between changing range memberships. . . .