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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by switchbow, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. switchbow

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    Hi everyone, new from Oklahoma! I'm wanting a new 9mm and considering a Hi-Point! There's no better place on earth to ask this question. Are they reliable, durable and accurate? I'm not a gun snob so looks are at the bottom of the list. Plain old utility gun is fine for me! I also want to thank Hi-Point and you all for the invitation.
  2. monsterdawg

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    Welcome to the forum! My experience with the C9 pistol and the 995 carbine have been excellent. Some people have had to tweak the magazine lips due to problems, but I did not. I do not hesitate at all to recommend the Hi Point firearms, and yes, I would trust my life to my C9.

  3. Hermitt

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    These guys really tried to dis the hi-point pistols.....

  4. Browning 9 Guy

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    Welcome to the forum! Lots of fine folks here who can help with any issue you have. I have a JHP 45 and two JCP 40's, have shot hundreds of rounds through each without an ounce of trouble. Have heard good things about c9's as well although I still haven't bought one (they're difficult to find here). Be safe and have fun shooting!
  5. cicpup

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    Nope. They're garbage. We're just here for the Booze & Hookers.
  6. Outlaw

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    Yep, there's lots of fine folks on here...and then there's me and then there's some rather weird ones. I'm sure we could use another Okie on the scene. Ask any question about C9's..someone will answer it right or wrong. :sarcasm:Welcome from Colorado :greet:
  7. Bull

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    Welcome from MO!
  8. Browning 9 Guy

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    I'm not really a fine folk. Lase around on Sundays and just had my afternoon beer.
  9. sarahsmom

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    Welcome from Las Vegas! I love my c9 and am awaiting the arrival of my 995ts! I lived in Mannford (40 miles from Tulsa on Lake Keystone) for 10 years! Beautiful in the eastern part of OK. Where are you located at?
  10. jwright

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    I was a little leary at first but so glad I bought my C9 it has been very reliable and accurate. Love it.
  11. switchbow

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    Cushing, Ok.
  12. sarahsmom

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    Oh, yeah! Been there a few times. I don't know if it is still there, and I can't remember the name - something ballroom - but went there many years ago to see Hank Jr. Lived in Drumright for about s year, also.
  13. switchbow

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    Cushing, Ok.
  14. Dagwood

    Dagwood Supporting Member

    Welcome from the great southwest!
  15. gaylenstone

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    Welcome from KY I'm approaching the 1000 round mark on my c9 but multiple individuals on here have way more then that,some are over 10,000. As for my c9 it is my home defense weapon and yes I would trust it with my life. After you break yours in try running some hornady critical defense hollow points and see how they do, mine eats them like candy. Not got to try any of the carbines yet though, but I want to. Let us all know how she runs when you get her and don't be disappointed if she doesn't run perfect at first, start with sime fmj rounds that are brassed cased like blazers,magtech, or ppu, mine hates steel or aluminum cased rounds. Also make sure those are round nose not flat nose as those may hang up on a new c9. Might take a 100 or so fmjs to break her in. Once she's broke in time to start testing the self defense rounds. I ran 2 boxes of critical defense with no fails before I considered it ready to defend my life. You will love your hi point they are good guns with a great warranty
  16. sarahsmom

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  17. histed

    histed Supporting Member

    Switch, welcome to the ... nut house. You won't go wrong with the C 9. But it, shoot the crap out of it (at least 300 rounds), then ask if you have problems. Some do, most don't. Get a couple of extra mags - you wanna shoot, not reload mags all day,
  18. EvilE424

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    Welcome from ND to the house of insanity
  19. ArmyScout

    ArmyScout Supporting Member

    There are several "less expensive" guns on the market that the purists turn their noses up to, and the guns are just as functional and dependable as the expensive stuff.
    Not too long ago I had the Bersa and Taurus at the range, there was a guy shooting in the next stall over. He had finished shooting and come over to my stall to see what I was shooting. I told him I was shooting a Bersa and a Taurus. He looked at me, patted his fancy M1911, smiled and said "$2000". I patted the Bersa and said $300, then the Taurus and said $400. I gave him a big smile back, and he just walked away.
  20. RustyJ25

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    I am a new guy to from SC just wanted to say hello and welcome. I am new to handguns altogether. Just got my 380 acp and the c9 about a month ago. I love them both. No major problems and the little things were either my own doing or just break in type stuff. This is a great place to just read and learn. Many of these folks have lots of experience and don't mind answering questions.