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  1. Hey guys I just ordered my first 995, got it in camo, but its getting the ATI conversion. Paid 160.00 for it new in box. These guns look really fun, and im looking to add a red dot scope to this bad boy and a ran across this one let me know what you think. Goods/bad/ any ones better, i really like the tube design better than the open designs. Also i want to add a small led flash light to the end of this guy, can i know i can get the rails from ATI's website, but where can i find the part that actually holds and mounts the light to the rails.

    Link to Scope
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    I just use some old 1" scope rings to mount my lights. Most small LEDs will fit I just took my rings w/ me to the store to match the size.


  3. There is quite a discussion down below in a thread on the subject. I went on eBay and found an A1Optic 42mm red/green 1x sight that is very impressive. Unfortunately the eye lens was cracked when it arrived so they are shipping me a new one. This one is solid aluminum construction, coated glass lenses and was only $29.95 plus shipping. The seller has quite a variety of sizes and models for auction.
  4. anyone herd anything about the red dot?
  5. Reading the review, it looks like a good one. I have never owned one of those, but it seems as if it's well made and price is good. The only thing I could suggest is that you try it out and see what it's like. Sportsman's guide usually has great customer service, so if you get a defective scope they will make it right.
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    bought my wife the 995 with bsa reddot scope installed at the factory last week and after i sighted it in her groupings went from 8 inches at 50 yards to 2 inches at 50 yds. i like the scope and she swears by it.
  7. dose the gun come with the scope mount in the box or do i have to go but like a weaver rail?
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    It should come with the rail to mount the scope, if it doesnt call hi-point and let them know
  9. It does come with the scope mount. As Jason said, if you don't recieve one, just call Hi-Point and they'll ship one out to you free of charge.
  10. ok guys....i got everything today and its and i havent even shot it yet, and its already ATIified and i ended up getting a tro glo red/green dot will post pics later this evening
  11. Great discussion, which raises a question: the factory apparently offers two scopes, a 4x and the Red-dot. I suspect that the latter is better, but thought that I'd solicit opinions.

    Has anyone tried both? And do you have plusses and minusses on each side?
  12. here it is.... comments welcome




  13. well i just got back from the range for the first time shooting the 995 and after getting the red dot on paper, all i can say is WOW well worth the money and a great purchase in my opinion. It was "one holeing" the target at 30 yards and about the size of a quarter or so at 50 yards. The only problem i seen to have was the gun sometimes didnt want to load the last round in the clip for some reason. Otherwise im amazed.