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Hi all . Just checked in on the "New Guy" forum. Bought a HiPoint 40 Carbine yesterday. Pick up Thursday. Read a lot and this seems like a great firearm for the money. Guess you all are happy with your HiPoints.
Anyway, does the 40 Carbine have a rail type system to attach an AimSHOT holographic optic site ?
Any things I should be aware of with the 40 Carbine ? Functioning, after market mags, etc.
Plan on shooting about 50 to 100 FMJ's thru it for a break in session. Can this weapon take a lot of rounds, or are there any breakage or wear situations ?
Any info is appreciated and thanks in advance, from one Firearm enthusiast to several others ....
Semper Fi !

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Hello !! and welcome to the board.
I have a 4095 and like it a lot . I would stay away from the aftermarket mags , the hi-point mags are the best. I have run about 200-250 rds through it with no problems . I used the Winchester Value Pack from Walley World . There is a rail that you can add to it after you remove the rear sight. I put a red / green dot scope on mine .

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+1 on the Wally World WWB

I pay $15 for 100rds of 115gr FMJ. I've yet to have a FTF/FTE though the 115gr seems to group tighter than the 124gr.

Don't know what it is about this ugly whiffle ball bat reject, but its alot of fun to shoot and very accurate.

Have fun.
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