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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by JimboX, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. JimboX

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    New to this site but, into the shooting sports for many years. I plan to buy a JHP 45. On Hi-Points web site the $ is listed @ 199 dollars. I have called several dealers and even though I told them I was looking at the web site they told me the price was incorrect! What gives with this? And what is the going retail price of the JHP 45? Thank you.
  2. talon

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    Hi Point doesnt sell direct on thier website and i see no $199 price listed anywhere. Regardles, thats the MSRP ( manufacture suggested retail price). They can be purchased from anywhere and $159 up to $219 from a gun shop or sporting goods store.

  3. Rerun

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    Like all firearms, it depends on where you are at.

    Little town might sell a Hi-Point for a lower price to move his stock.

    Big box-store may do the same for the same reason.

    Local gun shop may sell at a higher price to help him meet his overhead.

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    I think $199 woudl be high.

    I paid $195 out the door, with tax and background check for My .40 JCP which I thought was a bit high, but I wanted to support a local shop that actually sells Hi Point.
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    Was unaware of a 2nd website. Ty.
    Its still just the MSRP as i thought originally though, not a definitive retail price. (and DEFINITELY on the high side)
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    Not sure why the 2 sites. Always thought that was weird.
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    Thanks for the info fellas. And talon, you were making me think I was cracking up. When I selected 45 from products (handguns) the prices were listed across the very bottom of the page. This will be my 1st centerfire autoloading handgun. Kind of a revolver guy but, I shot one (Hi-Point) recently at the club I belong to and was very pleased with it. I do understand the posted price is MSRP. Was just surprised when the dealers I called quoted numbers approx. 50% higher. But, this is Northern NJ.
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    Hey i thought i was losing it too!

    Never used the HP site for anything but ordering new magazines, never until today checked for firearms because my LGS sells them. (below the listed price)
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    I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, guys, but that isn't evidence that you're sane.

    ...just say'n.


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    Great now that T is sane I'm stuck being the crazy one here. Well the voices in my head reminded me of a few others. :-D
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    "Nine out of the ten voices in my head say, 'don't shot'." ;)

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    I'm still in your camp, m( .Y. )nzy!