New H-Point Owner in Milwaukee

Discussion in 'Welcome Aboard' started by roberttosa, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. roberttosa

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    Hello everyone. I just joined and I am as happy to find this forum as I was to discover Hi-Point firearms. I am a big fan of Ruger for rifles (10/22 and AR556) and I shoot a Glock 17 as my main pistol.

    I wanted to try .45 caliber but was hesitant to spend too much money on a gun and bullet size I wasn't sure I would like. My son suggested I try Hi-Point and after watching some positive reviews on YouTube I decided to try the JHP.

    Well... I was quite surprised! Although it is heavy it has VERY low recoil and it is VERY reliable and pretty darn accurate. After 300 rounds of flawless operation I am a believer. Plus ... THIS THING IS FUN TO SHOOT!!

    A Glock it isn't but for $180 it is a great value.

    Anyway, glad to be a part of the group and to represent from Milwaukee, WI.

  2. Hey I'm just west of you in new Berlin welcome to the nut house. If your not nuts now hang around a while, you will be.....

  3. MachoMelvin

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    JHP-45 is a good starting point!
  4. tallbump

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    Welcome to the club. Be careful, Hi Points are addictive

    If you like the .45 and you like rifles, you should consider the carbine :D
  5. monsterdawg

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    Welcome to the forum. Be careful, some of these guys are anti-Glock snobs!
  6. Bull

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    Welcome to the forum!
  7. Moestooge

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    Welcome from a fellow cheesehead. The JHP 45 is an excellent choice.
  8. planosteve

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    I am not a snob, I just like M&P's.