New Hampshire

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  1. Hello, I believe I was a member to this forum before but its been a while and I cant remeber my login either way Im here now and wanted to say hello.

  2. EvilE424

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    Welcome from the state of ice and big buffaloes (ND)
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    Welcome (back) to the asylum.

    Don't talk about your mother-in-law like that....
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    Welcome from the great southwest!
    Watcha shootin?
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    Welcome back. I have always wanted to visit New Hampshire, but it hasn't happened yet.
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    from the
    Home State
    Hi Point
    Ohio State
    National Champions​
  8. Welcome. Let us know your interests, lot of good info here.
  9. Thank you not sure what happened as to why I had to sign up again it has been a while since I had logged on but either way im back. I have 2 c9's one i bought brand new and one i bought from here in the classifieds 6-7yrs ago. the 1 i bought brand new has maybe 300rds and the other i have never shot. Had a few hang ups on mine in 300 rds just never looked into why it didnt feed. Il be poking around here to figure it out. Or on the classifieds they go lol.