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    While not "officially" an owner if a 995, I do have unlimited access to one. The 995 actually belongs to my wife. We took it out back and shot it this weekend along with my AK-47. She really enjoys shooting it and she’s pretty good. I have been lurking here a little before registering and I must compliment everyone on this site as being helpful and patient with others. Lots of good info here as well. I am hoping to be able to purchase a C9 in the near future.

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    Welcome! You are a very lucky guy. My wife loves to shoot too, and she isn't all that bad either.

    The nice thing about the 9mm is that it's about the cheepist center fire cart that you can get. If you put a little sweat into it, you can just about shoot the 9mm for the cost of .22s. Of course that requires casting your own bullets, and all the stuff that goes along with reloading. But for me, that is very realxing. Much better than cutting out paper dolls. <g>

    Enjoy, and toss your $0.02 worth in now and then.
  3. Welcome! A picture of your carbine or of your toes will guarantee your acceptance into the flock ;) One of both is even better LOL
  4. glad you came out of the brush. join in and have a blast. we will try to help when we can and you can do the same.
  5. Welcome, you lucky devil! I'd be in 49th heaven if I could get my wife interested! Carry on!
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    Oh, that is just me from the bushes at night..

    As to TJ! Welcome you now have almost unlimited access to just about anything and everything you need to know about...almost everything!
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    Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. I went to MC sports yesterday to see if they had any C9's. They had a couple of .40 cal but no 9mm. He called his supplier and they said all of their allocation is spoken for but I could get on a waiting list. The guy at MC told me he would put me on the list and the price would be $119.00 plus tax. I'm in no hurry so for that price why not. A small hunt and tackle shop around here has one but they want $189.00 for it.
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  9. Southern Ohio Guns. You have to be an FFL (or C&R I think) and be on their list, but you can get some really good buys from there.
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    Welcome aboard! I got my 995 beaten up all sorts of ways from a pawn shop and was still able to take out flies at 25ft with the iron sights...
  11. Welcome! I must compliment you on your taste in both firearms and women :).