New Hi Point .45 just for fun

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  1. Picked up my Hi Point .45 this past Friday. Third Hi Point in about 8 months. While doing some research on this site about the .45 I saw at least 3 posts that claimed the pistol reminded them of a cordless drill. When I got the piston home and looked at it I thought " They are right, it kinda does ." With this in mind and remembering the show Home Improvement and Tim Taylor as well as " More Power" and "Binford " I decided to have some fun with this gun. Hope you enjoy the photos and as I say "it was just for fun "[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][/img]
  2. LOL Good one Tim only wished he had a cordless drill like we do :)

  3. Excellent idea! Great fun... :dance:
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    Now all that is needed is a silencer that looks like a drill chuck on the front of it. rj
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    That is just too cool I hope you enjoy shooting it. They are nice to shoot hott loads through for sure.