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Hello All,
I just purchased my first handgun a hi-point 45 acp 12-12-08 for $180 with tax included and should have it in 1week. I can't wait to get, after much research in looking for a home defense handgun i kept coming full circle back to hi-point. I was leary at first about hi-point because of the price, but after reading alot of reviews and looking at video it seemed to be a no brainer that hi-point is where it's at and is the future and model of gun manufacturing. I still just can't believe you can get all the calibers you need for under $200 bucks WOW!!!. My next purchase is going to be a maverick 12-gauge shotgun 18.5" barrell for added home protection for the fools that broke into my home. I'm excited about my 45 and this forum, plan on getting that sweet looking C9 also. I'll let you guys know how it does when i get it. Any suggestions on ammo, I was thinking 230 grain blazer brass, or any suggestions. Thanks again!

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Welcome to the addiction. My name is Leland and im a certified Hi Point Addiction Therapist. My assistant Broomhead will be by shortly to further inform you of this AWSOME sickness!!

Click here to see an actual therapy session in progress

Now tell me all about it!!!

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Hi, my name is Broomhead and I am a Hi-Point addict.
Everyone said:
Hello Broomhead.
Welcome to our support group.
There are five steps in our program.
Step 1: Buy ammo and send it down range.
Step 2: Buy more Hi-Points.
Step 3: Laugh at all the Gun Snobs for paying way too much, then out shoot them at the range.
Step 4: Happily spread your addiction to others whenever possible.
Step 5:Repeat steps 1 through 4 endlessly.
Unfortunately, these are not steps to recovery.
There is no recovery.

My assistant, Leland, will be by to dole out the meds. :sleezy:
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