New Hi-Point Addict Joining You All - Help me pick a Red Dot for a 995TS

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by chi_town_65, Dec 24, 2015.

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    Just shot my 9mm pistol today..............150 rounds and overall it preformed great. I loved it, even though I had 2 FTE's and 3 FTL's it was a great time at the range. The mags still need to be broken in as well as the gun and the slide and trigger. It's going to take a 1000 rounds or more I am sure.

    I am new to the forums and an older guy returning too the shooting world.

    My 995 TS carbine should be arriving in about a week or so........(holiday delays). I would love it if any of you could share with me what you put on your 995TS for sighting. I am thinking a TRUGLOW Red Dot.........but not sure that is the way to go. I just want something basic I can use on the 95 for the 25-75 range. Don't want to spend a ton of cash..........but want a decent sight.

    I thi8nk I read to use a TRUGLOW, I am going to have to change the rail to a Weaver that correct and where can I buy one?

    Any and all help is appreciated. I hope to add to the Hi-Point forums.

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    I like a reflex red dot sight. You can keep both eyes open, easy to use and eyes down range. I have a Mueller $90.00 and a Dagger Defense $40.00 (i have two carbines). The Mueller is the best, but both are functional.
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    Welcome to the asylum.

    You can dry fire with or without snap caps to help smooth out the trigger. My carbine trigger went from gritty to glass after a few hundred rounds, so I assume the pistols should be similar.

    Check out the optics area for good ideas on an RDS and how to fit them to your factory rail.

    Letting your mags sit loaded, or working the spring/follower with a dowel or pencil while your watching TV will do the same.

    My red dot from BSA had a universal mount the rid weaver or picatinny with one pin that was slotted to adjust to the rail. You may have to widen a slot with a rat tail file to get it properly fitted.
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    What do you mean OLDER? If your _65 means anything, I was born in 64
    and I'm one of the most youthful members on here! :p 51 going on 15!!!

    I have a $20 RDS (red/green, to be exact!) from Amazon, very nice!
    They still have them, with free shipping! QIQIQIQIWOQI has them for
    just under $20 now, I got mine for $18 free shipping

    Some have used this on a 12 ga Shotty and even a 30-06 bolt action rifle,
    and reported that it held up FINE! I did see one oddball who said it broke
    on a 556, however. But you get an occasional dud, even with a hi-$ brand
    like Primary Arms, right Branth? MONSTRUM also has some great stuff,
    under $75 for most of it, but some are higher.,k:monstrum+tactical+rifle+optics
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    I believe you also have a BSA 30 that holds up fine on an HP...
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    .........:eek: Yet another item I need to "wring out" at the range :eek:
    :dance: I'm thinking maybe the 4595 w/28 round mag for that one? :dance:
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    I put a BSA 30 on mine. Seemed to be a favorite here. The rails on the HI Point carbine are weaver style.