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  1. I took delivery of my new C9 2 weeks ago. Went out to the firing range with my law enforcement friend who brought along his Sig. I put 150 rounds through it and had 2 jams whereas he had 4 jams in 100 rounds fired with his Sig. Needless to to say I was extremely happy that my little old $150.00 Hi-Point outperformed his $600+ Sig. He had brought along all of the ammo - reloads at least 3 years old as he uses both a Glock and H&K .45 for his service firearms. He fired my C9 a number of times including rapid firing of at least 3 clips - no jams. He also was as accurate with the C9 at 15 yards as he was with his Sig. Needless to say I am extremely happy with my purchase. I can afford one of the more expensive brands and have read all of the pros and cons surrrounding Hi-Point firearms. I came to the conclusion that the bashers either have never owned a Hi-Point or truely believe that if you don't drop $500+ on a gun then it must be junk. I am not in law enforcement nor do I expect to be in heavy combat or an Olympic shooting competition anytime soon. I just wanted a dependable pistol that goes bang when I pull the trigger and hits the target. I believe that I have both in my C9 and could not be happier. On a side note, my buddy is now shopping for a C9 of his own.
  2. Sounds like you kinda showed your buddy up, and his buddy, and his buddy, and his buddy...

    Welcome to the best place in cyberspace for all things, and some things not, Hi-Point!

  3. Thanks Broomhead. Yeah, he was a little embarrassed but in fact he was the person I took with me when I purchased my C9. I had him look it over and he gave me the green light. My experience has primarily been with long guns except for a brief stint with a snub nose 38. The only complaint that he had about the C9 was the difficulty in removing the slide. Having to punch put a pin as he put it "is a royal pain in the a$$". I do have a question though - I noticed in some Hi-Point literature that they do not recommend removing the slide yourself but to send it back to them. I was thinking about polishing the feed ramp but want to make sure that I don't invalidate the warrranty.
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    you could sand the whole thing down and they will still fix it. they have the best warranty EVER! No...Questions....Asked!
  5. Well, I"ll try to keep my belt sander away from it :wink: That is an almost unheard of warranty in this day and age.

    Back to polishing the feed ramp. On these forums I have read quite a lot about this and how it seems to fix may feed issues. What would be considered an unacceptable number of jams? I have put 300 rounds through it so far and still probably need a few more before it can be considered broken in. I don't want to polish the feed ramp unless I really need to.
  6. You will not void your warranty if you want to polish the feed ramp.
    However, I did mine the old fashioned way, shooting it. There is another guy on here, don't remember who it was, that just cycled rounds through 2 or 300 times to polish it. Personally, I don't know enough about guns to feel comfortable taking it apart. Though, I do want to polish the black part right inside the ejector port (?), when the slide in closed, to make it match the ridge on the slide, which is polished also. I want to polish the safety too.
    You could take the whole gun apart. Do whatever you want to it. Then, if you can't put it back together again, send it to Hi-Point and they will put it back together and send it back with an extra mag to cover the postage costs you incurred sending it in. That is how good their Customer Service is.
    I will probably just send my C9 in to Hi-Point after about 3000-3500 rounds for them to break it down, clean it, and make any upgrades/modifications they feel they need to.
    Also, you could go to a pawn shop, buy an old, beat up, cracked Hi-Point that hasn't been treated good or had a good life, and Hi-Point will either fix/upgrade it, or send you a brand new gun with the same serial number as the old one. THAT is amazing!
  7. man, i love hearing these shows those guys that hi points are good firearms.
  8. Let the GUN-SNOBS say what they will, they don't know what their talking about because they won't take the time to find out their F... O. S...,

  9. Welcome to the Forums! Glad to hear you like the hipoint. I am impressed with the ease and accuracy of my hi-point. The more guns I shoot, the more I am surprised by the hi-points performance. Granted I am still going to go out and buy a Springfield 1911 with my left over pell grant the government gives me to go to college!!! It pays to study like a slave!!
  10. Congrats, & welcome aboard.
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    welcome sir im sure you will love you c9 just as much as the rest of us!!