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Discussion in 'Welcome Aboard' started by orgelkraft, Aug 2, 2014.

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    I just picked up my new C9 a few hours ago and now I want to find info on what I bought! I needed a lead chucker and from the second I picked it up I knew it was MY pistol.

    I came prepared to buy a Kal-Tec, but I have a slight tremor and the top weight on this baby knocks it down to almost zero!!!.. I was going to shoot one first on the range, but I KNOW I'm going to shoot better with this pistol! I came prepared to spend more on a pistol, but I came home with more ammo and some cash! They were out of the mags and I didn't see a holster I liked or I would got the works!

    I was just looking for a cheap plinker to keep my shooting skill up, without burning through .357 Magnum ammo in my revolver.. I told my wife it would make a great stash gun for the arm of my recliner!!

    Now I gotta research a holster, figure out if I want the 10 round mags or 8s and which ammo I want to break it in with... It's not a $1000 SIG Sauer, but I won't treat it any differently.
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    Welcome to the forum!..... Lots of tips and info here.... First off, load your mag, and let it sit.... New HP mags can be a little finicky.

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