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    Hello all, I recently purchased a new C9 from a local Gun Dealer. I haven't fired it yet but plan on doing so this weekend. I was wondering if it is typical of the gun having a rattling noise when it is shook with the magazine with ammo loaded in it. Sounds like something around the handle area is making the noise.
    Any ideas?
  2. HiPoint4Life

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    :idea: The noise u here from the counter weight being loose. All C9's sound the same way when you buy them. I haven't heard of a way you can stop just yet I will keep you posted.[​IMG]

  3. Don't worry cmanhome, it is perfectly normal.
    It's not really that loud(at least to me) so you won't notice it much.
    I wouldn't try to stop the noise since it is part of the weapons safety.
  4. freedom

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    It is the drop safety on the C9. Do not try to change it and you may end up undoing the drop safety and doing more harm than good.

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    I was just about to make my first post on this forum as a new owner, but you just brought up one of my questions yourself :)

    I noticed the jingling also, so I bet this question is pretty normal with new owners...
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    I was actually told by the sales person when I bought it so at least she knew about it and I guess some people complained to her. :)