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    Hello all, I recently purchased a new C9 from a local Gun Dealer. I haven't fired it yet but plan on doing so this weekend. I was wondering if it is typical of the gun having a rattling noise when it is shook with the magazine with ammo loaded in it. Sounds like something around the handle area is making the noise.
    Any ideas?
  2. That would be the magazine safety rattling around in the grip. Don't worry about it, that's perfectly normal for any Hi-Point pistol. The purpose of that safety is to keep the weapon from being able to be fired without a magazine loaded into the weapon. Again, that's normal, there's nothing wrong with your C9.

    Now, get some range time in with that puppy and post some pics or the Gunny's gonna get ya! :wink:

  3. Strangerous

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    My drop safety rattles in my C9... instead of the mag safety... It's a freak. Good choice of firearms!
  4. congrats and good choice of side arm! i too love my c9...its a good pistol for the money.
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    I just bought mine, last weekend, and I heard this rattling, too. I found that the Counter Weight (part #26 onthe exploded diagram) was the culprit. If you turn the gun upside down then back, while looking in the magazine well, you can actually see it move up and down. I emailed HP, just in case and they confirmed the Counter Weight is designed to move, with or without the magazine in. Mine seems to rattle less with the mag in, but still noticeable.
  6. Welcome to the site. Your going to love that pistol. No matter where your enthusiasm for shooting takes you, you will always love your hi-point.
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    Just as a newbie warning, there will be a swearing Marine Drill Sargent telling you to post pictures of your piece soon if you don't.
    Just a warning...LOL
  8. And if the pics have toes in them you are in the clear :lol: :lol:
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    No, I believe that it is the drop safety and not the mag safety that rattles.
    And it is normal.
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    Primal and freedom,

    Can you guys help me out. I'm looking at the parts list for the C9 and I don't see a magazine safety or a drop safety. I think if you look you will find the Counter Weight moves inthe groove along the backstrap of the grip or magazine well. It slides up and down. Shirley, at HP, said this is suppose to slide up and down and that is what causes the rattle.